Google Web Designer tool for creating HTML5 Site, Ads and Campaigns

Google Web Designer tool for creating HTML5 Site, ads and campaigns
Responsive web design

Google’s web designer tools is a visual tool to build collaborative and professional quality HTML5 site, ads and campaigns. Google has already defines HTML5 as a “universal language for building beautiful, engaging content that can run across desktops, Smartphone's, and tablets’’. So the next move of Google is HTM5 to build some creative things. Currently this is in beta version. Now we can only work on ads and in near future we will able to build website though this tool. This is very handy for web developers but a newbie also able to use this tool to create some creative things.  Current trend is Responsive and HTML5 compatible web environment. Because use of smart device has rapidly increased and for fulfill of this demand Google has launch this web designer tool.

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Google Web Designer beta version’s features

This Beta version already tailored with various options and features to make it user friendly and simplified for newbie. The main features are as follows-
  • This tools is absolutely free to use. And it doesn't require any Serial Key to activate.
  • You can create creative animated HTML5 sites, transition slides and ads, with a robust design tools.
  • Google Web Designer tool contain 2 view mode Design view and code view. This tool help to View and edit the code behind your designs. So you would be easily bring some changes of do edit on it.
  • Though this is special for building HTML5 ads so ad creation will be effortlessly easy.
  • User can create or use 2D and 3D effect on design, ads or in transition slides.
  • This tools enable you to import Vector artwork from any other source and can be used with tag tool.
  • Google Web designer tool help DoubleClick and AdMob, or publish them to any generic environment according to your wish.
Currently this version is under Beta mode so Google will allow you to updates to the product automatically.

Outcomes of Google Research

Google web designer tools is for empowering online advertising industry. For this reason Google has made research on traffic from smart devices user. Finally the research outcome was that almost 41% of smart device use has increased within 1 year and over 67% advertiser responding to mobile campaign. In future 80% traffic will reach from smart device. So this is the main target of all advertisers.

You can view the Google Web Designer Demo from the below video.

  • Video Tutorial of Pen tools of Google Web Designer

The main aim of Web Designer tool is to allow developers to build sites and ads which can run anywhere.

I hope this tools will be improve by Google very soon and we will receive more stable version to make rock in HTML5 compatible environment.

You can download Google’s Web Designer tool from Google site. For downloading the Beta Version please click on the below link
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