Tutorial to Use Google Disavow Links Tool to remove Bad backlinks

Tutorial to Use Google Disavow Links Tool to remove Bad backlinks

Every blogger wants to get PageRank from Google. But what exactly Google PageRank? Google has define the PageRank simply that PageRank means Google’s opinion of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other sites.  So now we should know how many backlink is enough for getting pagerank from Google. According to Google's opinion if any site get 200 backlinks then Google treat that site as important and relevant. Backlink is just like a vote, more backlinks means more people has given vote to your site and Google  use those vote to determine relevancy and quality of your site.

But there are many site who got good links but with many bad or inferior links which is bad for SEO as well as for PageRank. So those spammy bad links will affect your page rank. But we need to remove those external links from our site. Internal link control is very easy but external link control is very tough job. Suppose you are providing link with your blog widget, so if any spammy site use your widget then you would gain a backlink from that site and this backlink is really bad for your blog SEO and Page Rank. So we must remove those link to control our blog external link. To solve this issue Google has already provided Google Disavow links tool which will help your to remove spammy link from your site.

Google Disavow links tool is generally reject or deny unnatural links and spam or low quality links that point to their site.

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How to use Google Disavow Links Tool?

Google Disavow Links Tool is very sensitive to use. So be careful about this. because if you remove your good links with bad links then your site will affect. But don't worry I am providing you the complete tutorial that how you can find bad backlinks and how to remove it by using Google Disavow Links Tool.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to Webmaster Tools 

Step 2 Now click on -> Search Traffic -> Links to Your Site

backlinks list

Note: you would see website lists that linked your site most.

Step 3 Now click on More >> from bottom of blog lists

Step 4 Now click on Download more sample links 

download link list

Step 5  Select Google Docs from Popup window

Google Docs

Note: a list of all external link will be appear in Google Docs.

Step 6 Copy the all links from the list and paste it in a Notepad

External links

Note: You can ignore those links that containing sign # because it will be ignore by Google.

Step 7 Now go to Google Disavow Tools 

disavow links

Step 8 Click on DISAVOW LINKS button a message will appear again

disavow message

Step 9 Click on Disavow Links -> Choose File -> Select Notepad with inferior link list.

quality backlinks

Step 10 Hit on submit -> Done

Google will deny or Disavow all of your given links. Hope this tutorial will help you to remove all inferior links from your site to gain higher page rank. If you want to learn more about Google Disavow then you can watch the video from Matt Cutts.

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