Freelance Sites for Jobs And Money

Freelance Sites for Jobs And Money
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The most talkative online money earning source is freelancing. There are millions of people are engage with freelance job to maintain their family. Specially in Asian countries greatly involve with this jobs and they are earning money for living. Generally we can say Freelance is a form of entrepreneurship where a potential worker will engage in short term job within an agreement and s/he will done the job according to scheduled time.  And finally worker transfer the services to contractor and in exchange of worker will receive money.

There has not any selective area of freelance job but mostly I have seen some common popular freelance job that is Article Writing, web design, graphic design , Data entry, event management, publishing, Social media marketing, journalism, , screenwriting, music, film making copy editing, acting, photojournalism editing,  proofreading, indexing, copy writing, computer programming, video editing, video production, translating and many more.

Many people diverting on this job because they can work from home and they are their own boss as well as flexibility of work and get many benefits.

So I am sharing some top legit freelance site with little description where you can earn money. There are many scammer and scam site all over the net so you have to be careful to select right one.

1. Elance

self employmentElance is in leading positing in the field of Freelance and most of the advance freelance worker wants to get connect with Elance. You would find wide range of jobs opportunity and huge jobs are adding everyday on this site. I think people like this site only for user friendly interface but I must say its design is very professional. If you can manage job there they you can earn up to 450 million lifetime earnings. It’s really amazing for potential freelance worker.

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2. oDesk

oDeskoDesk is legit and very popular freelance site. Mostly  Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani freelance workers are involve with it. Because this site is highly trustable among contractor and worker.  An oDesk worker can get 20 bid per month. I have personally seen many family in Bangladesh maintaining their family by the earnings from oDesk site. We can say this Elance and oDesk are in same row with extensive job opportunity.

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3. Guru

guruGuru is a good freelance site but less opportunity for free members because there are very limited bid for them.  This site is emphasizing on writing job. However you would find many job categories. Here millions of freelancer registered with Guru and they are working and earning money.

In case of payment you must have PayPal and prepaid Master Card. 
But PayPal is unavailable in some Asian countries.

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4. Freelancer

freelancerFreelancer is very oldest site over the net.  But you would find its popularity all over the world. It has become giant now in Freelance sector. Freelancer provide higher commission and good working opportunity with legit contractor for new freelance worker. In addition, you would get more options to draw your earnings. And there is a good news that Freelancer acquired vWorker which was 
award winning freelance site and  ScriptLance site.

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5. Getacoder

get a coderGetacoder is best site for programming, database development and web designing. Its payment options and amount are handsome. I think those who are looking for database development job they should try this site. However similar opportunity for skill worker who got programming and web designing knowledge.

  • Site Address:

6. Donanza

make moneyDonanza is best site with extensive range of jobs. And there is a good service provide by Donanza taht you can easily get information where you have registered for get a job from different sites.  In this case it will save your time and effort to check your job application constantly.

  • Site Address:

7. 99designs

design siteYou can understand by its name that what type of site is this. Freelance worker will get all kinds of design related job such as, graphic designing. Including logo design, web design and many more. Actually the main contractor of this site is businessman and marketers. They often required some design consequently they place job on this site. Presently 99designs has over 80,000 buyers.

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8.  Fiverr

commission I think you are well-known about  Fiverr this site is very interesting. Suppose you can get  buyer and selling services from other users only for $5. The outlooks of this site has recently improved a lot you would love its professional design. There are millions of people are making money from Fiverr.

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Potential workers should take the experience of Freelance work.  Specially students grab this opportunity to earn some extra bucks to support their study. I think not only money earnings but also you can become a skilled person by doing Freelance job which will help to enrich your curriculum Vita. 

Beside of this I have found that the main problem of Freelance is about getting payment.  Because most of Freelance site make Payment through PayPal. But in most Asian countries PayPal is not valid. However I have shared with you an article that how you can activate Paypal account where PayPal is not operating. I think that this article will help you to open PayPal account and you would be able to easily get paid through your PayPal account even PayPal is not operating in your country. 
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