Why You Should Use Google Blogging Platform

Why You Should Use Google Blogging Platform
Google Blogger

If you are looking for number one platform in blogging then obviously everybody would say about BlogSpot. As Google is the hosting of Blogger platform so it is in leading position. Earlier if anybody intent to create a blog then they have to spend money on it, beside of this some free Blogging service provider you would find but they forced to display their own ads if you choose their platform. But Google Blogger is free from all limitations, even Google Blogger won’t force you to display their navigation bar. For this reason now more over 500 million users currently using Google blogging platform to establish their desired blog. This statistic indicate that world’s most reliable blogging platform is Google blogger. Google Blogger always personally feel that "I am a Power Blogger". And you would be satisfied 100%.

Absolutely Free Blogging Platform

Absolutely Free Blogging PlatformYou won’t find any free blogging platform with all kinds of amenities which is only providing by Google Blogger. This platform is one of the best platform over the net and I can undoubtedly say there is not alternative of Google Blogger. You can use this blogging platform in any purpose (e.g. personal, commercial) nevertheless Google won’t charge a single penny from you. Even if you do e-business through Google blogger you are always welcome to do. Rather other blogging services like WordPress they charges for both hosting and domain also.Alongside you have to spend same amount of money for renew hosting as well as domain. If you want to have a good professional WordPress template then you have to spend at least $15 to $30 for your desired template also. So in this case Google Blogging platform is the best platform where you can buy a domain with cheap price $7 to $10 and you don’t have to pay for hosting and professional templates.

Support Custom Templates

Support Custom Templates
There hasn't any others enormous free templates than Google blogging has. Almost all templates are free to use. You would become confused to select your desired template among huge rich collection. On the other hand it is very easy to customize your own template if you already got little experience on it. Also you would find dozen of new templates daily on dissimilar free template provider sites. If you want you can get our free premium BS templates or you can hire us to design your dream template.

Comprehensive Widgets and Plugins

Comprehensive Widgets and Plugins Google blogging platform also very popular for massive widget and plugins. You would find millions of widget and plugins among various widget developer site. You can also get access into our widget and plugins inventory which is absolutely free to use. In case of WordPress you would find limited plugins to use. Beside of this most of the free blogging platform users won’t able to use any widgets and plugins to extend the user experience.

User friendly Interface

User friendly InterfaceFor the time being Google blogging platform improving their interface to give exciting experience for their users. It has brought revolutionary change among their existing blogging interface which made it very easy to use where a newbie can control and manage everything, even you won’t face any trouble if you are a first time user.

Easy Custom Domain Setting

Custom DomainIf you wish to use custom domain then easily you can use in Google blogging platform. Custom domain setup is very easy in Google blogging platform. Even if you are a newbie then you can set up custom domain by the help of Google Support. Beside of this who buy custom domain from GoDaddy then domain setup is not obligatory. It would be automatically activate your Custom domain in Google blogging platform.

Make Money Easily By Google AdSense

Many people has a concept that by using free blogging platform money making is impossible, but Google blogger has made this concept wrong. If you use Google blogger then they will help you to display ads from various affiliates. More importantly world’s leading affiliate Google AdSense would help you to monetize your website where you can earn handsome amount of revenue. And everybody knows Google AdSense is most reliable affiliates which will ensure you about payout.
Make Money Easily
On the other hand other free blogging platform enforced user to display their own ads on site and in some cases there hasn't any chance to display your own affiliate ads. As a result your outcome on blogging is zero.

Get Free Analytic report

Get Free Analytics reportSome professional or commercial blogger require to use analytic report for surveillance their blog’s or business growth. For this reason they have to rely on third party analytic service provider. But Google blogger get this analytic report absolutely free. To get the regular analytic report you can use Google Analytic tool which will provide you most accurate report about your blog traffic and growth.

100% Server uptime

100% Server uptimeBlogger use Google as hosting so I can assure you about server up time. Google server never down in any time. If we look through other free blogging platform then you would face problem about hosting server. But it is undoubtedly can be said Google server never down. 

After scrutinizing the above free facilities nobody can deny to use Google blogging platform to start their blogging career. Because this would be the wise decision to get every best service by free of cost. If you are a newbie and confused to determine which blogging platform to use then I would recommend to use world’s best blogging platform and certainly Google blogging platform. 
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