How To Embed Facebook Post, Photos and Videos in Blog?

Embed Facebook Post, Photos and Videos in Wordpress
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To grow a blog social media plays several roles. For rapid growth of our blog/website we share our content on various social sharing site use. Almost all website use Facebook for sharing their blog content. But Facebook has introduce new features that you can share content from Facebook. It sounds like reverse sharing, earlier we share our blog post on Facebook but now you can share content Facebook to blog as well as in Wordpress. Actually it’s not just like sharing you have to add embedded code of Facebook Post, Photos and Videos on your blog. Suppose we can take embedded code from YouTube and can share it in our blog so same as now Facebook launch this service.

But for embedding a code you have to go through some process and you have to fix some settings. We know that to see anything on Facebook you have to sign in with your Facebook id so there has a restriction but if you make your setting public then you would able to display  your post on your blog. That means to display a post from Facebook to blog you have to make it public first.

We can embed Facebook post into our blog in two ways. I will explain below step by step.

Method-1 Embed Facebook post by "Embed" Option

This method is easiest where you can use ‘’Embed’’ option for sharing a post on blog. Basically this option you would find in your Facebook posts.  And this is not require any tricks to install. To use embed code follow the below steps-

Step 1 Sign in to you Facebook Account

Step 2 Get into your shared post

Step 3 Click on drop-down arrow beneath to the Post

embed code

Step 4 Now click on Embed Post

Step 5 Copy the Embedded code and paste it where you want to display. 

Embed posts

Method-2 Embed Facebook post by using Facebook Configurator tool

This method is little bit critical but some of you may find it pretty much easy.  And by following this method you can easily embed any post from Facebook. But the total work you have to do manually.

Step 1 Sign in to you Facebook Account

Step 2 Get the shared post’s URL (For Photo)

Step 3 Click on timestamp beneath to the Post (For Media)


Step 4 Now Copy the URL from your browsers address bar

post id

Step 5 Now go to the Facebook Configurator tool  and Paste your URL in the given field

Facebook configurator

Step 6 Once your story loads in the tool, click on Get Code

SDK script

Step 7  You would get JavaScript SDK code and Finally paste the code anywhere of your blog.

Hope this tutorial will help you to embed your code from Facebook to your Blog. It will work on major blogging platform. So now it's easy to embed code Facebook Post, Photos and Videos.  In some Facebook profile you might not see the embed option so in this case try with method-2  that works on all profile.  If you face any difficulty then feel free to leave a comment below. 
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