Fix crawl error 404 ‘Page Not found’ from Google Webmaster tools

Remove error 404 ‘Page Not found’ from Google Webmaster tools
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Crawl Error is an alarming issue for blogger. Because from search engine when a visitors click on your blog link then they would see your link is not found. Even your blog content link is available in your blog. I have found this kinds of error in case of many blog and website.

In last week my blog page view has decrease rapidly and increase bounce rate then I was worried about these issues. I have also noticed that my sites links has removed from SERPs. I thought that there has some change in Google SEO or my site has penalized by Google. Firstly I have re-optimized my site from top to bottom but unfortunately nothing has changed. Finally I have discovered in my Google Webmaster tools that 108 links are not found which means error 404 ‘’page not found’’. I just click on every link it is redirecting in my blog content but ultimately it is showing page not found error. But when I manually check the content then I can get access to my content.

This is a crawl error where your content link would be appear in search engine and when a visitor will click on it then it will directly show 404 error that the particular content is not found.

As a blogger we must keep our blog error free. And most of the error or related issue generally appear in your Google Webmaster tools. If you see any kinds of error on your webmaster tool then as soon as possible you to take rapid action to solve the issue.

How to fix crawl error 404 ‘Page Not found’ from Google Webmaster tool?

This is a crawl error where Google crawler unable to crawl your particular links with some specific reason. You can easily check this error in Google webmaster tool under Crawl Error option. The solution is you must submit request to remove those links which is not accessible by Google crawler. So how to make request for link remove we would see from below steps-

Step 1 Login to your Google Webmaster account and click on Manage this site

Google Webmaster tools

Step 2 Now click on Crawl Errors ->Not found to get the broken URL 

total error

Step 3 Now faulty URL will display at the bottom of the page 

404 page not found

Step 4 Now click on each broken/faulty link and copy the links

Step 5 Now go to Remove URLs under Google Index in the left menu. And click on Create a new removal request, paste the URL and Continue.

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Step 6 Now a popup window will appear like below image and click on Submit Request.

link removal request

Note: Your request will be submitted and will be shown as Pending. If you have several broken URL then submit one by one

Step 7 Now get back to step 3 and Under Crawl Errors, tick each URL and click on Mark as Fixed.

Google Blogger

Note: Within 24 hours Google will remove the broken links.

URL index

Don’t’ think that your link has removed forever. Because after next Google crawl your links will be re-index and appear in search result pages. Generally it takes 1 or 2 days to re-index all the links from your site. You can click on Updates to get the result quickly. But lets Google done the job first for you. Happy blogging!!!
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