Google Server error 503 “Service Unavailable”

Why 503 “Service Unavailable” message displaying Google?
503 error Solutions

Google Blog is a best free blogging platform with huge features. Google always try to improve the use experience, as a result they are changing all of their product time to time. Beside of this you would get some error while using Google blogger such as Error 404, 301. Each code indicate individual meaning. Similarly recently a new error message is appearing when you trying to enter into your blog account which is known as 503 “Service Unavailable”. The reason to display this error because Google service is overloaded. Most of time this error is not fix by Google itself where you have something to do to solve this issue. Before that we should know why 503 “Service Unavailable” error we are getting?

Why 503 “Service Unavailable” message displaying Google?

Last March 2013 Google has introduce auto pagination which help to reduce blog loading time and it will summarize the post like auto readmore option. So mostly affected those blog site who doesn't use auto readmore on their blog rather they are displaying full post on home page. Those who are using this kinds of template just check your traffic source information form Google analytic and compare the traffic information with the previous month traffic information. If your site is affected you would notice that your blog bounce rate has become higher unexpectedly. In case of some blog you would see 99% bounce rate.

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How to solve 503 “Service Unavailable” issue?

This problem is basically appearing due to server overload, so you have to unload some load from your blog landing page. So I have discussing below the possible way to solve the issue-

1. Use Auto readmore in your blog

We know auto readmore option help to improve your blog page loading time. Suppose you are displaying 5 posts on your blog home page without auto readmore option then your blog landing page height will be much longer. Where by using auto redmore option you can display 8 to 10 posts instead of 5 posts as well as it will improve your blog loading time.

2. Display Limited number of post on blog home page

Displaying limited number of post on blog home page you can improve the page loading speed. From my point of view, 5 to 7 post would be ideal for home page. Because it would make your blog home page simple and clean.

3. Use fast loading blogger template

In case of avoiding 503 “Service Unavailable” error you must have to use fast loading blogger template. Google also giving emphasize on page speed. If you use light widget template then your blog loading performance will be fine.


4. Compress Image

Images are mainly affect the blog loading time. Many blogger use image without any compression as well as right image format. Preferable image format is jpeg, Gif and png. But jpeg takes very small size. If you wants to keep your image quality higher with small size then you should use png format.

5. Compress and Combine CSS files

By compressing and combining CSS file you can improve your blog performance. There are many online tools where you can compress your blog CSS files for best performance. Beside of compress you have to choose best CSS hosting server that will help to load faster. Because after combining your CSS file you have to host it in any hosting server. There are many free file hosting service available over the net. From my point of view you should use Google hosting service for getting faster performance.

I hope by implementing above tactics you would able to solve the error 503 “Service Unavailable”. I have mentioned before that the base of this error slower performance of your blog as well as Google server remain overload due to introduce of auto pagination. So both Google and blogger togather have to work to solve the issue. If you follow the above solution then you would not only able to solve the 503 error but also your traffic and page view will increase rapidly.  
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