5 Critical Issues That Responsible To Ruin Your Blog

5 Critical Issues That Responsible To Ruin Your Blog
Google and Wordpress has made easy for blogger to create free blog site with enormous customization options where most of the people are inspiring to create their own blog at free of costs. As a result thousands of blogs are registering every day with a view to get acceptance and popularity and building blogging career. But the question is what percentage of new blogger can become success? From my point of view only 15% to 25% are able to establish their blog with uniqueness and creative things and rest of them become demotivate after a certain period of time from the beginning of their blog establishment. Behind this there are several reason but most of them failure some subtle critical issues that is responsible to ruin your dream blog.

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By this article you can identify the reason behind your blog ruin and can take precautions in advance. 

1. Higher Bounce rate

If you are getting many visitors but their visit time is no more than 5 to 10 seconds then your visitors are pointless for your blog. Initially you will think that you are getting enough visitors but ultimately your visitors will disappear very soon and your page visit will decline. You can check it by any online website analyzer which means that your blog is not interesting for the visitors. 

2. Absence of comments

Commenting is a proven thing that your visitor’s wants to interact with you but if you see that you are not getting much comments that means your readers do not find anything interesting in your blog. More comments means more visitors are engage and interested wit interact with you and your blog. 

3. Content writing Without passion

A good blogger means a good writer so to become a successful blogger you must have passion for writing. If you don’t give much time on writing articles then your readers won’t find any interest and your blog may ruin for the lack of loyal readers. So take necessary actions to write well with passion. 

4. No connection With other blog

Blogging is not for individual it is a creative output for a community which is also known as blogging community. So you have to comments on others blog and have to make strong relations with other blogger. There are only 2 ways you can strength your relations with others, First-Commenting and Second- Guest Posting. So to make popular your blog make comments on others blog as much as possible. 

5. Use of Free Service 

We know that Google and Wordpress are providing free blogging service but free is not always good. Because for free creating free blog you are bound to use blogspot.com or wordpress.com with your dream blog name. So it make your blog name longer which is hard to remember your blog name for your visitors. For this reason, I suggest, at least buy a domain name for using BlogSpot and if you want to take your blog in advance level then you should choose paid service (Domain & Hosting) from wordpress. It will make your blog name professional and you can design your blog in most popular format and layout if you can buy paid themes. 

The above issues are really alarming for any blogger but you won’t notice it instantly. Before understanding those critical issues you may ruin your blog anytime. So take necessary actions from now and save your blog before ruin.

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