5 Most Common Writing Errors That Cause Failure In Blogging Career

5 Most Common Writing Errors That Cause Failure In Blogging Career
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A rich blog always full of good descriptive content and for that writing should be accurate, Specific and logical. Writing is the main part of blogging so if you want to grow your career on blogging then you must have to avoid errors on writing. Write should be in a way that you are interacting with your readers and can be spice up by adding some humor and interesting things on writing.

So I am going to describe below about 5 most common writing errors by blogger that may cause failure in blogging career.

1. Writing Article with unwanted Information

Search Engine always prefer long articles than short one but you have to think about your readers. If you always write longer article then you readers feel bore and may skip the content. From my point of view readers are most valuable to blogger than search engine. But if you can write your content in interesting way then long article doesn’t affect your readers, rather they will enjoy the quality article. And your article should be contain specific information, don’t make it lengthy with unwanted information.

2. Error on Paragraphing Method

Paragraphing is another important part on blogging and it varies in different situations. However for blog short paragraph is important to keep engage your readers up to end of your article. On the other hand reading longer paragraph readers may not feel interest or due to lack of time they may leave your valuable content. On the other hand sometime you are making paragraph where you shouldn't do or paragraphing without proper information. You have to adopt accurate method that where we should do paragraphing.

3. Writing without Subheadings

About 50% readers always try to look through only on articles headlines and if they feel interest then they go for entire content. So it’s better to use subhead line in your writing thus your readers can understand that what you are going to say on description. If you can split your article into 5 para with at least 3 subheadings then your readers will like it. But article without subheading won’t be interesting for your readers.

4. Misspellings and grammatical Mistakes on Writing

Whose native language is not English they may make mistake in spelling and grammatical so try to avoid it because too many errors on spelling and grammar readers may find unpleasant to read or sometime it may lead to different meaning. If your readers from English speaking countries then they would simply feel laughter.  

5. Using complex sentences rather simple

Some blogger use complex sentences and some unfamiliar synonyms to make their writing standard. But this idea is totally wrong. Because don’t think that your readers are all from same background. Their ability varies regarding their age, race, and nationalities so it’s better to use simple sentences in writing thus everybody can understand your writing.

There are many critical error you would found in writing but the above are the most common errors. As a result your readers may leave your blog and you may failure in your blogging career. 
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