Top 13 cashback apps of 2023 for Earning Rewards

The 13 apps that will give you the most cash back in 2023. You can make money simply by doing your regular shopping.

There has been a proliferation of shopping applications that offer rebates in the past few years. There are a variety of ways in which these applications may help you save money, including on groceries, travel, clothing, and more.

Since the introduction of BloggerSpice in 2012, I have tried several different cash-back applications. I have no idea how many applications I have tried, but there are a select few that are clearly superior. At the present, I still utilize these apps.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Cash-Back Apps of 2023

Best 13 Best Cash Back Apps

We've spent so much time learning about cashback apps. So, certainly, when you peruse this compilation, you will see that many apps is featured prominently. You won't go wrong with any of the cashback applications and websites suggested, either. Every one of these apps and websites has served as motivation for our own.

1. Ibotta

While Ibotta's initial emphasis was on becoming the greatest cash-back app for groceries and helping customers save money on food, the company has now branched out to provide cash back at other major retailers including Lowe's, Petco, Walmart, Target, and more.

The app now features a card-linked feature that automatically adds points to your account when you shop at selected stores. They, too, provide a cash-back browser add-on that enables customers to collect rewards from thousands of merchants. Those who prefer to pay in cash need not despair; Ibotta customers may still get cash back on their purchases if they choose deals from participating retailers before heading out to the store.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • Rewards are advertised as monetary amounts, not as percentages of cash back. This makes it clear to me how much money I may anticipate setting aside.
  • keeps its primary emphasis on the supermarket industry (many cash-back apps are weak in this area).
  • Since the most popular stores are put at the top of the app, it is much easier to get to them.
  • locate the retail establishments where I do most of my regular shopping.
  • Those who win can choose to have their money converted into cash or given to them on free gift cards.
  • For its users, Ibotta frequently provides incentives in the form of cashback and/or free merchandise from well-known stores. A customer can, for instance, get a free Butterball turkey (around a $20 value) by loading and completing 16 offers.
  • If you sign up for Ibotta and spend $30, you'll receive a $10 welcome bonus, and if you recommend your friends and family, you'll get $10 for each referral.
  • All that's needed is for the person you refer to make a qualifying purchase and send in a photo of their receipt.

2. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free browser add-on and mobile app that helps you save money. Originally established in 2014 under the moniker "Wikibuy," Capital One purchased the firm in 2018, prompting a name change.

Capital One Shopping will notify you of promo codes or lower prices when you purchase online if you have the browser extension installed. To redeem the offer, simply choose the button on the Capital One Shopping pop-up.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • very simple to set up and utilize.
  • Some of the cash-back offers are so amazing, I'm convinced Capital One takes a loss on them. 
  • My assumption is that the credit card division is attempting to raise awareness of its name in the retail sector through this expansion. They anticipate that the credit card part of their company will help them recoup the losses.
  • The watchlist will notify you of any price changes.
  • With most gift cards, the minimum withdrawal is only $5.

3. Rakuten

Cashback and rebates are offered by Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, on in-store and online transactions. You can get it as either a mobile app or a browser extension, and it also serves as a portal through which you can access all of their current sales.

The software functions similarly to the other listed utilities. In addition to finding featured stores and bargains, consumers can use the website or app to search for deals and find merchants in their area. The Rakuten browser add-on finds and applies coupons and rebates instantly whenever you purchase online.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • Several vendors, like Nike and Target, are exclusively available on Rakuten, at least in terms of reliability.
  • The layout of the site is streamlined and intuitive. Here, I have access to a plethora of options at once.
  • Rakuten often has sales that boost the normal 1-2% cash back they get from certain stores to as much as 10%.
  • If you make a $30 purchase during the first 90 days, you'll receive a $30 incentive. If you planned to buy anything anyway, the discount is essentially free money.

4. Checkout 51

You can get cash back on your grocery shopping with the free app Checkout 51 by just scanning your receipts. Unlike competing applications, you are not limited to redeeming deals at a single retailer but can instead earn rewards at any participating business. 

The specials are revised weekly. In case you forget, post your receipts as soon as possible (before the offer ends) so that you don't miss out on any potential rebates.

5. Upside

Upside is a rebate programme that provides savings on more than just gasoline. Cash back may be earned in three different areas: grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. Like other cash-back applications, this one can save you up to 25 cents per gallon at select gas stations.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • I can view a map of service stations in my area and quickly determine which ones have the highest percentages of cash back.
  • No minimum amount or proof of purchase is required to get cash back by PayPal or check.
  • very generous referral scheme, including both initial and subsequent fill-up benefits. When a friend you suggest uses your referral link to fill up, you both receive a passive 1-gallon discount on your next purchase.

6. Fetch Rewards

You can rack up points on purchases of hundreds of items sold at over 300 brand partner retailers by using the Fetch Rewards app, popularly known simply as Fetch. Just link your email address to the app and scan your e-receipts to redeem your points.

Companies want to work with Fetch because, in addition to motivating customers to buy their items, it also delivers analytics to help companies better understand consumer buying behaviours.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • No matter what retailer or restaurant a customer purchases from, Fetch will give them points.
  • accepts both paper and digital receipts.
  • Even if you didn't use any qualifying offers, you'll still get a few points for uploading your receipt.
  • Choosing which offers to complete in order to accumulate points is entirely optional.

7. Honey

Honey, a no-cost add-on for Chrome, constantly monitors your online purchases to bring you the best deals. If you add the Honey plugin to your browser, you'll automatically receive coupons whenever you make an online purchase. Save yourself the hassle of doing a manual search.

The Honey browser add-on will notify you of any discounts that may be applicable just before you complete your purchase. If so, they'll be added to your order automatically. Droplist is a function that lets you monitor prices for certain goods and be notified when they drop.

Several things appeal to me about it:

  • You can find the best deal on any item on Amazon by comparing prices from different sellers.
  • Notifications for price drops help me save money on items I'm not rushing to buy.
  • I can use price-tracking programmes to check if specific things' prices rise and fall with the seasons (some items are cheaper in the summer vs. winter, etc.).
  • As PayPal owns the platform, you can count on top-notch security features and regular upgrades.

8. Shopkick

If you're looking for a rewards app that offers more than simply cash back on purchases, look no further than Shopkick. It's not hard to accomplish many of these goals. Just by entering a store, scanning a barcode for qualifying goods, making a purchase with a connected card, or making an online purchase, you may quickly accumulate points, or "kicks," towards rewards. 

If you save up enough points, you may exchange them for merchandise.

9. Dosh

If you use a connected debit or credit card to make purchases at participating retailers, Dosh will pay you up to 10% in cash back. 

Dosh is unlike other cashback applications since all you need to do to get started is sign up and start shopping. Withdrawals require a minimum balance of $25 and are restricted to the United States.

10. Drop

The Drop app is a no-cost cashback programme for regular purchases. When you buy with one of Drop's partner brands and have linked your credit or debit card to the app, you'll earn points. 

Additional prizes are available when you refer friends, connect with other applications, complete Connected or Mobile deals, and more.

11. RebatesMe

The relatively new app is undercutting its competitors by providing superior daily cash-back offers and select "double cash-back" deals on many of its 4,000 popular merchant partners. 

If you make a purchase via RebatesMe and don't get paid (an industry-wide issue due to the intricacy of tracking), they have a cool programme called the Cash Back Protection Program where they will pay you up to $1,000.

12. TopCashBack

When compared to the rest of the applications we've reviewed, TopCashBack has a rather unusual business plan. Their website boasts extremely competitive cash-back rates since they give away all of their commissions to customers. 

TopCashBack doesn't retain a percentage of merchants' commissions because the company also charges merchants for advertising on its site. You can choose to get paid out by direct deposit, PayPal, or a gift card.

13. Receipt Hog

ReceiptHog, like the other cash-back apps on this list, rewards users with points when they upload scanned images of their receipts within two weeks of making a transaction. Minigames and survey participants will also provide you with points. 

While the company's Trustpilot rating has dropped as of late, it has a strong track record of positive feedback.


Above we described some names that appear often in "Best of" lists all over the internet. Even if they didn't make the cut for our top picks, they are all excellent options. We refer to cash-back apps and extensions as "affiliate marketers," which is just a fancy term for the people who get paid a commission for every sale they bring in for a retailer. Affiliates can earn a commission of 5 percent on all sales made by referring customers to New Balance, for instance.

Take note of the regulations. Many app and promotional features are time- or quantity-bound. Adhere to them to qualify for every deal. It would be a pity to let money slip away because you failed to scan a receipt in a timely manner.

So, let us know how exactly a mobile app can encourage you to spend money.

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