The 50 Best SEO Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tools: 50 SEO tools for better results. You can boost your digital marketing strategy with these 50 SEO tools.

If you are looking to get a strong grip on digital marketing, you must have to be proficient in SEO. It is almost impossible for you to survive in this field and earn a handsome profit without proper optimization skills.

In this article, we have wrapped out the main problem that is about tools. Every person struggles with the selection of the best tools for his task. So, we are going to show you the 50 best tools that you should use in your field.

You have to read about these tools in detail to get to know why these tools and how to use them for proper working.

50 SEO Tools For Digital Marketing

There are 50 SEO tools you can use to improve your digital marketing.

1. Google Analytics

The main task is to keep an eye on the performance of the website or digital asset to get proper information. Google Analytics will enable you to utilize handy tools and sections to get a better idea about the performance. This tool will let you know about unique visits, traffic sources, and other location metrics.

2. Ahrefs

When it comes to discussing some paid tools, no tool can beat Ahrefs. It is a comprehensive platform from which you can get multiple tools in the same menu bar. This handy tool will let you analyze the website, check its performance, and find keywords to target in your marketing process. In short, it enables you to get help from various tools from start to end in this process.

3. Data Studio

For better digital marketing techniques implementation, you must have to combine data from different tools in a single interface. Data studio will help you in this regard as it enables you to merge different Google tools. With the help of its window, you have to merge data from the Google search console and analytics to get better visualization.

4. Keyword Hero

If you are having a hard time finding new keywords, you should try Keyword hero. This tool enables you to fill your spreadsheet with the hot-selling keywords. It will let you explore new related keywords, search volume, and competition to target them properly. By using Keyword Hero with care, you will be able to perform well in digital marketing and generate a huge profit from your hard work.

5. Semrush

It is important to keep an eye on the competitor’s website and design a strategy to target properly for better performance. Semrush will enable you to get started in this process and get a deep understanding of the data. By using its site analysis tool, you will be able to check how the website is performing and on which keywords it is getting traffic. So, you can easily find those keywords that are profitable for your digital marketing campaigns or SEO.

6. Panguin Tool

It is a specific tool to analyze a website’s performance from time to time. Panguin tool has been designed with a specific algorithm that keeps showing your performance with the changes in Google’s update. By using this tool, you can easily check a dropdown in the site’s performance with the update in Google’s algorithm. So, you can easily find those issues shown by this tool and get them solved for smooth performance.

7. Redirect Path

In SEO, it is important to keep an eye on the redirects that are harming your website’s performance. Redirect Path enables you to keep checking all those redirects that your links are doing. It will keep showing all links like 301, 302, 404, and other redirects as flagged for better understanding. You will be able to remove all those redirects from your website or digital asset to keep it regularized.

8. Quick Click Website Audit

It is an all-in-one tool that has multiple tools in its box. You can access multiple tools to analyze links, manage them, and extract data from them from the same window. There are multiple tools integrated that will keep adding data related to a specific tool. Whenever a link will be clicked or changed, you will be notified and shown the data on your screen.

9. Screaming Frog

The error is the main issue that you may have to face for the smooth progress of your website. Screaming frog is a special tool designed to identify errors in the header, JavaScript, and other portions of your website. You will be able to find the errors and get them resolved properly for smooth working on your site.

10. Rephrase

Being an SEO geek, you always know the importance of your website’s content. Without checking the uniqueness and removing duplications, you will not be able to get better engagement. A paraphrasing tool will enable you to get the issue solved and reword your original lines within a few seconds. 

Rephrase will rewrite your given text and provide you with unique content to publish on your website.

11. SEOlyzer

It is another SEO analysis tool that helps you in getting real-time data from your website’s log file. SEOlyzer will help you to check whether you have irregular pages or if all the categories are well-designed. So, you will be able to get them removed from your website and get the site ready to grow with proper SEO.

12. XML Sitemaps

For smooth working and proper analysis, it is important to get an XML sitemap of your website. With the help of this tool, you can download up to 500 pages in the form of an XML file for future use. The tool does not ask for any registration or subscription if you want to get up to 500 links in your file.

13. Linkody

No doubt, backlinks help you in getting better growth of your digital asset. But some links like broken links or spam links harm your website instead of making it progressive. Linkody is a tool that you can use to keep track of all the link's performance. You can check a lot of metrics like link condition, performance, and other metrics. So, you will find it beneficial to set your campaigns in a great way.

14. Mozbar

This is one of the most used tools available on the internet for link exploring or site analysis. MOZ is a specific tool that can help you just by adding the chrome extension too. It will help you in identifying the performance of your competitor’s website just by checking a few metrics. The chrome bar will display DA, PA, and spam scores which is enough to have a look at someone’s website.

15. Sitebulb

If you have a limited budget but an extra workload, Sitebulb would be the best choice to do an SEO analysis of your website. This tool will help you in doing an audit of a website with a few clicks. You only have to register for this platform and start using it for getting regular reports on your website.

16. SEO Quake

It is a combination of multiple tools that can help you in getting an idea about various metrics in a single window. You can check out traffic, Alexa rank, backlinks, and many other factors with SEO Quake. It can be used as an all-in-one tool for the complete analysis of a website and getting a better SEO plan for smooth progress.

17. Spyfu

No tool can beat the efficiency of Soyfu when it comes to checking the real-time ranking of a website. The tool will show you the current progress and rank of a website in the search engine without any problems. You will get real-time data on your screen by using this tool.

18. Prepostseo

It is a comprehensive platform from which you can get multiple tools like plagiarism checker, DA checker, rewriter, and others. By using Prepostseo, you will be able to perform various tasks related to SEO with a few clicks on your screen. Most of its tools are free to use for basic purposes.

19. Alexa

It is a specific SEO tool launched by Amazon for the sake of audit, analysis, and research. By using this tool, you will be able to check rank as per calculated by the platform. It will help you in checking whether your site is growing properly or not. Also, you can get marketing-focused outcomes from Alexa.

20. SEO crawler

This tool works similarly to Google crawler. It means it will analyze your website thoroughly and show you errors that it has found. In this way, you will be able to get a proper eye on how to manage your asset and monitor your work for better outcomes from SEO on your digital asset.

21. SimilarWeb

It is another tool that can help you in checking your site’s performance and discover new ideas at the same time. By using the SimilarWeb tool, you will be able to check all those sites that might be related to your niche. You can easily formulate an SEO plan after a complete analysis of all those similar websites.

22. Copyscape

Plagiarism is the main issue that can be a hurdle to better SEO outcomes. Copyscape is a specific tool that can help you in checking your website’s content before publishing and removing it. The tool will display all those lines that it has found copied in its deep analysis. As a result, you will be able to write those lines to make them unique.

23. BrowSEO

It is a specific tool that you can use to check how your site will look to Google. As we all know that the search engine analyzes a website in a specific way to get it ranked or de-ranked. BrowSEO is the best tool to get all those pages highlighted on which you have to focus. The tool will analyze your site and display the entire audit on your screen.

24. Keyword Eye

When you have used specific keywords, you might be looking to check how well those keywords are performing. Keyword Eye is the best choice in this regard because it will show you exactly how a keyword is performing on your website. It will also display all those factors on which you have to do work for better SEO.

25. GeoRanker

It is not compulsory that you have to target the entire world for your digital marketing campaign. You might be looking to target and analyze a specific part of the world. This is where you will find GeoRanker a profitable tool. It will provide you with complete data related to competitor analysis and local citation of your website to plan SEO accordingly.

26. Bright Local

If you are looking to target your local market, you must have this Bright local on your list. This tool will help you in doing an audit of any website as per the local space. You will be shown the complete instructions or recommendations according to its local analysis. By using this tool, you don’t need to check for various websites and perform their audit according to region requirements.

27. Forecheck

Struggling with getting a stable position in SERPs? If your answer is yes, Forecheck can make things easier for you. By using this tool, you can get real-time analysis and reports that will help you in preventing issues from your online platform. It will provide you with clear instructions on how you have to perform and how to perform.

28. Google mobile-friendly Test

We all know that the mobile is a handy gadget from which we want to control our browsing. How can you imagine ranking without making your website mobile friendly? By using Google's mobile-friendly test, you can check whether your website is reliable while opening on a mobile phone. It will tell you how much time your site will take while browsing and what would be the layout.

29. Google Page Speed Insights

It is almost a bookmark of every SEO geek because it tells how well a page is performing in the SERPs. By using this tool, you can easily check how much time your website is taking for browsing and what you need to do to make the time shorter. The tool will provide you with a comprehensive list of insights related to your concerned webpage.

30. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner research tool that you can use freely is offered by Google. It is a comprehensive tool that can provide you with complete details like search volume, competition, and other related metrics. You can get many profitable keywords using this tool because it will show you data directly from the search engine’s database.

31. Gtmetrix

If you are looking to check what your page looks like and how much time it will take for loading, use Gtmetrix. The tool has been designed with such a fine function that it can perform this test and display all the results on the same page. You will be able to analyze your site’s entire performance on the same interface.

32. Lipperhey

When you have published articles on your website, it is also important to keep checking SEO issues. Lipperhey will enable you to do this because it is considered the best tool for this purpose. It can analyze your website and check all SEO issues that it has found on your website. In the last, it will display all those issues on your screen and instruct you how to get them solved.

33. Index Checker

It is a specific tool that will help you to check whether your article has been indexed by Google or not. If it is not indexed after a while too, you can also use the same tool for request indexing.

34. Yoast SEO

For an SEO geek, it is important to check the SEO of an article before publishing it. Yoast SEO is the best tool in this regard as it can perform real-time analysis of your content and show how much it is optimized. Also, you will be shown bullet points by reading which you can make optimized before using it for SEO or digital marketing campaign.

35. SEO Monitor

It is an online platform using which you can get access to all SEO activities of your website or store. SEO monitor will keep a record of every step that you are taking on your website and keep notifying you of improvements.

36. Link Miner

This tool is available in the Chrome extension format. As the name shows, the main purpose of this extension is related to links. It is a specific tool designed to find all broken links that you have made for your website. In turn, you can replace them or get them removed as per the conditions to get better outcomes from your site.

37. SERProbot

If you want to get an outlook on your website SEO in an instant, SERProbot will help you. It is a specific tool that can audit your website and display important information in an easy-to-understand interface. You can use this tool to check the rankings of your keywords in multiple regions at the same time.

38. Rank Ranger

The checklist is the main thing that you have to make while conducting SEO. It might be possible that you are unable to do this because of less time or insufficient experience. Rank Ranger will help you from start to end of this process and also help you in designing an SEO checklist that you have to follow for digital marketing.

39. Search Latte

Normally, you might be using VPN or proxy networks to check the ranking of a site in a specific region. It might be hard to do because it takes much time and slows down the browsing. Search latte will help you in this regard as it has been designed with multiple VPNs to let you access more than 150 regions of the world.

40. SEOptimer

This tool is specially designed for SEO purposes that have the sole feature to check your website and show the optimization. It will tell you how a site or page is performing and what to do to make it optimized.

41. Hootsuite

Social media management is important if you want to do digital marketing for your website. Hootsuite is a complete set to automate the process and keep tracking the performance of your activities over different social media networks. So, you can easily maintain your social media campaigns by using this tool.

42. Majestic SEO tool

Here is another backlink checking tool that will enable you to find all those domains from which your competitors are getting links. Majestic SEO tool enables you to analyze those links and find the best one to use for your website’s SEO.

43. Answer the Public

It is an AI-based tool that can show you a list of all those questions that a person can search on the internet. Answer the public can be used to extend the research of your article or get an idea about what people can search for. In this way, you can use this tool as a keyword research tool too.

44. Keyword Shitter

It is one of the best tools to generate keywords related to the main keyword. Keyword shitter is an easy-to-use tool that you can use just by pasting the seed word. It will generate a ton of words that can be generated from your given word. So, you can filter them and find the best of all keywords to use for your SEO campaign.

45. Ubersuggest

Whether you are looking for keyword research or consultation from experts, Ubersuggest can help you with its multiple tools. It can let you grab a list of keywords as well as check all the issues from your website. So, you will be able to get them solved and rank better in SERPs.

46. Marketing Miner

As the name shows, this tool is used to check the market deeply and mine the results for which you are looking. It will help you in generating reports related to SEO on your website at the local level and learn how to stand above those particular websites.

47. SEO Minion

It is one of the most popular chrome extensions for SEO purposes. The tool has been designed with a simple but comprehensive algorithm. You can use the tool and do multiple SEO tasks like content optimization analysis with it. This tool has a simple interface and can be used by anyone.

48. Tag Manager

Inserting tags in the HTML of a webpage can perform well for the sake of SEO of any website. A tag manager is a must-have tool for this purpose because it can manage the complete task finely. The tool can be used for many other tasks related to SEO like generating tags for off-page SEO.

49. Buzzsumo

It is the best tool if you want to check social media engagement with a specific type of content. Buzzsumo is a paid tool but it can be used for free for basic purposes. The tool can let you know how people are interacting over different social media channels regarding specific blog posts or keywords.

50. Surfer SEO

Last but not least, Surfer SEO is also another important tool that can help you in writing optimized content. The tool has been designed with a specific interface that can help you to check the density of a keyword. It will tell you how much a word should be used in your content for better optimization.

Final Say

In the above blog, we have enlisted 50 tools that you should use for SEO of any digital marketing campaign. We have tested all these tools and found them the best to encourage our readers in using these tools.

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