VEED Review: Video Subtitling Made Simple

A simple online video editing tool to Create, Edit & Share Videos Online for free with a single click. Add subtitles, transcribe audio and more.

We aim for better global communication and a way to solve it with simple and practical solutions. Have you ever struggled to watch a movie with no captions and to wonder what exactly the actor said?

Have you experienced wanting to support a foreign celebrity but could not understand their vernacular?

If so, let’s solve that problem together! With VEED, let’s explore the variety of options in subtitling alone. But, before we dive into those features, the subtitling tool’s main usage is to provide text in the videos we create and watch.

VEED Review: Video Subtitling Made Simple

What is VEED?

The VEED is a simplistic online video editor that integrates subtitles, adjusts content, and increases your online audience. VEED is a fantastic piece of browser software with the greatest squad.

VEED offers subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and a slew of other complex features that other video editors simply cannot match. The free version is fantastic, but the Pro version is flawless.

Why You Should Add Subtitles To Your Videos?

VEED is to make your life a lot easier. Add subtitles to your videos made it simpler to cater to video blogger, educators, students, and aspiring and starting content creators. VEED is universal, for anyone needing to share a story over and translate your subtitles into over 100 different languages. There are main 3 reasons that you should add subtitle in your videos.

1. Increase your reach!

Adding subtitles to your videos means that your content will be accessible to more people. More and more people are choosing to watch videos without sound. Solution? Subtitles! By adding subtitles to your videos, you can make your content accessible to thousands of more viewers.

2. See a Jump in Engagement.

Adding subtitles to your videos creates another element to the viewing experience: image, sound, and now text. Subtitles are a great way to capture your audience’s attention, highlight certain words or phrases, and key your viewers into the most important messages.

3. Make your Videos Searchable.

Finally, You can make your videos even more searchable by including a text transcription of the entire video. This will allow more people to discover your video content and ultimately leads to more views, clicks, and followers.

How to Add Subtitles To Your Videos by using VEED?

Now, are you ready to plunge and discover how VEED can help you?

How to Add Subtitles To Your Videos by using VEED?

Imagine yourself sitting in a courtroom or as you’re watching your favourite crime series,
maybe How To Get Away with Murder?

Notice the court stenographer transcribing the whole session unbothered, focused, and serious. Adding subtitles can feel that way.

You can type the text manually, and watch your changes happen in real-time! Going way back, this approach can let you experience the feeling of being in total control.

As a creator, wouldn’t it be nice to undergo the whole process of your storytelling and hearing it once again as you simultaneously write and read your text?

Interesting right?

And as a blogger or educational content maker, you are responsible to double-check the words and information you’re passing on to your audience. And also you need to observe the satisfaction level of your audience.

While using VEED, you need to go through the below 3 steps to add subtitle to your next featured video.

Step 1: VIsit VEED Subtitle adding editorSelect a file or drag & drop it into the editor. (You can even add a YouTube video straight from its URL)

upload subtitle

We’re keeping you too much with all these rhetorical questions, so let us dive deeper.
Are you a fan of the goddess Cate Blanchett?

One of her recent films entitled Where’d you go Bernadette featured a voice recognition technological tool. It writes whatever you utter. Yes, you’re right. Next-level tech.

Oh, how I wish we can give you that benefit but, close to that is our speech-recognition software.

You can now auto-generated subtitles!

Auto-generating subtitles will automatically and consciously translate your video’s sound. This is so helpful for unscripted storytellers who go into production without any idea or expectation on what to talk about. It also benefits any improvised content.

You can now auto-generated subtitles!

Other than this, online educators who shoot their lectures for students can with a click add captions to their videos. Hitting two birds with one stone as we help not just our teachers but also the ones learning.

Step 2: Select a file or drag & drop it into the editor. (You can even add a YouTube video straight from its URL)

As we dive deeper, we try to provide you with unexpected tool features that can literally make your storytelling and teaching a lot easier.

Last but not the least, what else can you think to make our latter offer easier? Any guesses?
The most convenient way possible is by uploading a file. Need I say more?

Upload a file whether SRT, VIT, ASS, SSA, and TXT, and add it to your video. It is like a next-level option as compared to manually type the text. This is better for productions with fixed scripts such as short films.

Upload a file whether SRT, VIT, ASS, SSA, and TXT

Step 3: Select a file or drag & drop it into the editor. (You can even add a YouTube video straight from its URL)

All these options can be used as we said earlier, by anyone trying to tell a story and a tool for bettering expression and forwarding a specific message. More than this, VEED give enough liberty for their users to make edits. You can time your subtitles, change the colour, font, and size and edit the caption itself. With a simple click means another problem solved!

By adding captions to your subtitles as a blogger, creators or educators, you will be able to have more easy-access content. Easy access videos result in higher engagement and people will not just have hassle-free entertainment, but they will stay with you. They will listen to you attentively and intensely be captivated by your storytelling. Adding captions will effortlessly enhance the quality of your content.

The main reason behind adding these features, to make video editing simple for video blogger and content creator at the beginners level. Where other professional video editing tools are very hard to use other programs catered for the experts only.


This video editing tool will assist you to continue creating what it is you want. It serves you to help you give in to your passion. Let your inner creativity wander in the world of technology. Because VEED wants to be with your journey as you try to bring forth better stories.

So now that we’ve dove deep, it’s time to ascend from the water and see for yourselves the beauty of this tool. You now have a weapon to arm you in the craziness and whirlwind process of creating and telling a story. The VEED community always there to support and listen to your narrative and waiting to see your verse come to life.

Take a stroll, think about the story you’d like to tell and let this video editing tool help you to give your audience quality content. Making engaging content has never been easier, with VEED.

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