6 Best WooCommerce Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Plugins

How to Accept Bitcoin Payments with WordPress? best 6 Cryptocurrency Payment Processor and Plugins for Accepting Bitcoin Payment on WordPress site.

For the last few years, cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity. The reality is that it is becoming increasingly common as a means of payment. If you've been considering connecting Bitcoin to your WordPress site, there's are several fantastic plugins that can help you do it quickly. Integration of cryptocurrency with WooCommerce store brought a revolution of the online payment system.

With the advancement in technology, bitcoin and Cryptocurrency have gone from a faint concept to one of the most mainstream and discussed the topic with much broader adoption.

With the increase in the overall popularity of Bitcoin and the lateral forms of Cryptocurrency, it is high time that business organizations of the world realize the importance of integrating the application of this service in the business structure.

And we all know that WordPress tends to hold a significant portion of the website, the challenge of accepting Cryptocurrency becomes essential for every website out there. In fact, many mainstream payment gateways are available that fails to support Cryptocurrency and thus WordPress community is keen on adopting Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Plugins

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin and what does it stand for? In simple terms, Bitcoin is indeed a cryptocurrency, virtual money, or digital currency. Unlike cash, which is tangible, cryptocurrency is a type of money that is entirely intangible.

It is an electronic version of cash that can be used to purchase goods and services. While several businesses still do not provide a Bitcoin payment portal or accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. but those who have integrated with this payment gateway their business revenue is steadily growing.

As a result, you should think about implementing a Bitcoin payment gateway to your website. If you allow consumers to pay for your online products, utilities, and downloads then it will increase your revenue.

Why Should Your WooCommerce Store Accept Cryptocurrency Payment?

Allowing web users to pay for products and services with a WordPress Bitcoin transaction helps you to meet people all around the world. Many people are not interested to purchase the product by using USD or Euro.

Millions around the world have digital wallets set up, which contain a variety of different digital currencies. Recently, no doubt Bitcoin becomes the most trendy. The Bitcoin transaction is safe, convenient, and simple to complete.

WordPress has come a long way in a short period ( just like the way Cryptocurrency) has. There are many advantages that of opting for this combination. Benefits like:

  • There are very fewer chances of being fraudulent when compared to other payment options.
  • This combination is extremely difficult to hack as each cryptocurrency comes with a complex set of codes.
  • It involves lower transitions fees as compared to other payment options.
  • There is a whole bunch of audiences that do not desire to use their personal information while they are purchasing something. This brings out a system that handles both the clients as well as the marketplace owners.
  • It is an entirely digital and decentralized option so the owners don't have to rely on the third-party organization
  • The adoption rate of cryptocurrencies is dodged own to be an all-time high
  • The audience is eligible to pay for their products from anywhere on the map.

Cryptocurrency Acceptance Options for WordPress Website Owners

We've put together a list of the best plugins for accepting Cryptocurrencies on the WordPress platform. For the owners that belief in adequate WordPress Website Development here are some of how they can accept their payments.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Service

The cryptocurrency market is drastically transforming and the payment gateways industry is booming as well. A crypto payment portal is an online payment processing platform that allows the business owner to accept cryptocurrency payments.

1. Stripe Payment Gateway

If the audience out there has a WordPress website or if they have a WooCommerce store, there is a possibility that the user either has heard about Stripe Payment Gateway or they might be utilizing it in the store. 

Stripe Payment Gateway

One of the greatest news for the audience is that the gateway manages to handle BitCoin through BitPay. The user just needs to update their plugin to the fresh and latest version and then they are good to go.

Get the Plugin: WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

2. Constructing a Bitcoin Wallet

Believe it or not, but bitcoin wallet is one of the safest options that you can witness in-store. A Bitcoin wallet is considered a software program that manages the private Bitcoin information with the keys.

Not only this, but the wallets can be stored on any devices too. Be it desktop, hardware, mobile or even the web for that matter. And for every platform, there have to be multiple wallet options. Therefore, the user needs to research before they decide on choosing the best one for their wallet.

Constructing a Bitcoin Wallet

Not only this, but the user should also know that there have to be some digital payment processor services that tend to present the users with an online wallet service. Whereas other payment gateways in the market simply deposit the Bitcoin funds as an equivalent currency in the bank that later results in the Bitcoin wallet.

Get the SegWit wallet in the BitPay App

3. Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox is yet one more premium plugin that will allow the user to take Bitcoin to another level. It allows the user to exchange digital downloads. This solution combines with various payment gateways, but it also utilizes Bitpay to accept Bitcoin.

Digital Paybox is yet one more premium plugin

Digital Paybox is a simple to install and configure plugin that helps consumers to customize how often they want to pay for a digital product. This plugin is a perfect choice if the user wants to accept contributions for digital downloads. so the user can set a minimum charge. Digital Paybox sends the customer an email with a temporary encrypted URL after payment has been received.

Get the Plugin: Digital Paybox

Best 3 Bitcoin Plugins for WordPress as a Payment Gateway?

Once you have decided to choose one of the digital wallets and signed up with a payment processor service it is about time that the addition of bitcoin payment integration to the WordPress website is done. Some of the options include:

1. Blockonomics

Blockonomics allows the user to accept all the Bitcoin payments, and also the Ethereum and Litecoin. It allows the user to manage these types of mode of payment that is with the help of WooCommerce. 

Blockonomics allows the user to accept all the Bitcoin payments

The best part about bioeconomics is that it manages to send payments to the wallet rather than the payment gateway. This way the user gets the money faster, safer and they even save on fees while they are withdrawing.

Get the Plugin: Blockonomics

2. TripleA

One of the other options that are reliable to the user is the TripleA Bitcoin payment option for WooCommerce. With the help of this plugin, WordPress web Development tends to accept payments that are there with the help of Bitcoin directly. 

TripleA Bitcoin payment option

There is no fee and also no type of custom account is needed. The users just require to scan the QR code to pay. One of the biggest things that are involved in TripleA is that it does not make things easier for the audience out there. The user tends to benefit from the transaction email notifications, and they also manage to save money since there are no chargebacks.

Get the Plugin: TripleA Bitcoin payment

3. CryptoWoo

CryptoWoo is considered as one of the greatest solutions that are there for WooCommerce stores that desire to provide the audience with cryptocurrencies as the payment option. 

CryptoWoo is considered as one of the greatest solutions that are there for WooCommerce stores

This paid plugin manages to installs within seconds and then it allows the WooCommerce stores to take in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that involves both Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Dash

Get the Plugin: CryptoWoo

The moment the user installs the plugin from the store, all the processing manages to take place right on accounts of the checkout page. The plugin also looks after the live exchange rates. This helps visitors to easily evaluate the price of the purchases in digital currencies.

With the help of its specialized HD Wallet Add-on, the seller also tends to receive the payments immediately into their wallet without actually relying on the third party to manage the private keys.

The plugin utilizes a safe and free API to handle the website owner that tends to execute the transactions.

Wrapping Up

We now know that some various plugins and methods enable the WordPress Consultant to process and accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress. The tools that the user chooses manages to be solely on the website and with the harmony of the audience. The user can always trait a few different options on their website and see what actually might work.

We hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary details on bitcoin and WooCommerce. If you have any doubt regarding the following write up then you can write to us in the comment section below. Our experts and professionals would help the user as much as possible and give the necessary solution that is needed to solve the issue.

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