7 Great Tips of Getting More Website Traffic from Instagram

How to drive insane amounts of traffic from Instagram to your website? Know 7 Expert Tips to Bring Instagram Traffic to Your Website. Get More Traffic From Instagram With These Easy tips.
A website cannot sustain itself without enough traffic. Every site owner knows of this and they are trying their best to get as much quality traffic as they can. Some focus on organic visitors using SEO and Google AdWords. Meanwhile, others are more keen to rely on social media.

It would not be a stretch to say that a platform like Instagram could be the difference-maker between being successful and not. As more and more businesses recognize just how much of an impact Instagram has, they are trying to shift their resources and receive more traffic from here.

If you are running an Instagram page but have not really tried to redirect your followers to the website, consider doing so immediately. To help you with that, here are some great tips.

How to Drive Traffic from Instagram

1. Instagram Stories

You have definitely seen many brands posting stories on their profile. This is a great technique to get people hooked. Since stories are up for only 24 hours, posting exclusive content on them will grab the attention of your audience. 

Try to run a contest or two and tell them they can enter by visiting your website. This is just one idea that you can make use of. You can find plenty of other excellent suggestions on Oberlo.com and their guide about Instagram stories.

2. Analytics

Have a starting point to understand what your goal should be. Analytics are available to everyone who switches their profile into business on Instagram. Though your focus will shift to analytics on the website.

Look at what your numbers are like and keep track of the changes you see once you work on the campaign. The more information you gather, the better off you will be in the long run.

3. Add Link in the Bio

You get to showcase the link to your website only in one place. And that is your bio. Getting people to press on that is the goal here. You could try with redirecting them to the main page or switch things up and put a link that goes to your most recent blog post or a product page. See which strategy works better. 

4. Hashtags

Attracting more people to the profile will automatically mean more traffic to the website. And what better way to let others find you than by putting in relevant hashtags into your content?

The Ultimate List of the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Keep in mind, though, that putting too many will have a negative effect, and nobody wants that, right? Check which of your posts are on the front page of Instagram and try to come up with enough content to ensure that it does not waste this method.

5. Call to Action

CTAs are crucial for the overall marketing plan. Those who have a lot of experience in marketing will tell you just how important a good caption is. And since the only available link is in your bio, you need to put an extra bit of effort into making sure that people will go there and click the link.

6. Influencers

Everybody has heard about influencers and how many benefits working with one you can expect. Hiring an-list influencer is more or less impossible and not worth it unless you will splash a lot of money for it.

The general idea is simple. The traffic from Instagram does not have to come directly from your profile, correct? The most important thing is that it should come from the platform.

Whenever an influencer posts something, you can bet that the audience will follow their every word., there is a reason they had become followers.

7. Instagram Ads

Some say that you need to spend money to make money. Well, this theory applies to Instagram ads, since you will have to put some of your funds into running a successful campaign.

Figuring what you want to do on the first try is also tricky. But if you spend enough time and get the hang of it, be perfectly fine. And these ads have been known to have quite a positive effect.

So there you have it. Instagram could become a great ally in trying to get more traffic to your website. And the more of these methods you implement in your overall strategy, the better off you will be. And keep in mind that you should not expect immediate results. These things take time, so be patient and wait until you can harvest the fruits of your hard labor. 
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