12 Best Web Push Notifications Services and Tools for Website

Let your list of subscribers soar beyond the height of Burj Khalifa with 12 web push notification tools. This 12 incredible web push notification tools help you to drive traffic and increase conversions. Push Notifications are used to deliver information and improve engagement. Find out how to do so and discover a list of the best services available.

When Jeremy Kruger started his business, he made sure to leverage digital marketing practices to consolidate a prominent online presence for his business. 

In three years, the website ranking shot up, his revenue nearly doubled, and his website recorded a steady growth of subscribers. 

Whenever his peers asked him, “how did you do it?” 

Jeremy would reply, “I’ve got a magic trick up my sleeve.” 

That magic trick is, well, no brownie points for guessing, push notifications. 

12 Best Web Push Notifications Services and Tools for Website

What is Push Notifications? 

Push notifications are brief, actionable messages that appear on your computer, tablet or Smartphone. It is an interactive message that leads the consumers to a website. The message can consist of a title, URL, image, text, and call-to-action (CTA) button, etc. Devices, browsers, and operating systems influence how notifications appear. 

12 Best Website Push Notification Services to Increase Traffic & drive conversions 

When you are aiming to establish a digital presence of your business, you can’t really ignore the consumers. Push notifications are the magic spell that helps you to attract consumers, drive traffic and grow your subscription list.

  1. OneSignal
  2. Aimtell
  3. Sendpulse
  4. Omnisend
  5. PushCrew
  6. LetReach
  7. PushAssist
  8. FoxPush
  9. AdPush
  10. Wigzo
  11. XtremePush
  12. Subscribers
Whether you run an eCommerce site, Better Homes and Gardens Signature Service or offer assignment help service online, you can't be oblivious to the charm of push notification. On that note, presented below are some remarkable tools that allow you to send out enticing push notifications and drive more conversions in return. 

1. OneSignal- A Beginner-Friendly Service Provider 

If you are a complete newbie in your chosen area of business, then OneSignal is your best bet. It comes absolutely free. Use the tool to send unlimited push notifications to all the subscribers without splurging a single dime.

OneSignal- A Beginner-Friendly Service Provider

The tool allows you to send out a push notification to both mobile devices and on PCs (through its Web Push API). It is compatible with all the major operating systems such as iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, Windows 8.1, etc. 

OneSignal enjoys an enviable client list with prominent names like Uber and 9gag among others. They have already carved a niche among their consumers and emerged as a name that businesses can trust. 

Notable features: 
  • Real-Time Tracking 
  • Automated Push Notification 
  • Segmentation Targeting 
  • A/B Testing 
  • The tool is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox for Desktop PCs. 

2. Aimtell– Reconnect with your Visitors 

Reconnecting with your website visitors is incredibly easy with Aimtell. The most brilliant aspect of this resource is the kind of variety it has to offer.

Aimtell– Reconnect with your Visitors

It comes with a wide range of plans and features. It also offers you the convenience of selecting precisely what features you want to incorporate and choose a suitable plan accordingly. 

Notable features: 
  • The best part about using Aimtell is that you don’t have to record the emails of the visitors. 
  • The tool allows you to send out “Instant Notifications” to all your subscribers and drive them back in your direction. MyBekins.com
  • Make the most of advanced segmentation (that depends on web page views, geolocation data, mobile/desktop device information, events and much more). 
  • It presents some of the brilliant notification add-ons like, tailored notifications that come with the criteria such as page views, items purchased, location, shown interest, and so on. 

3. Sendpulse - Capture the Pulse of Consumers 

This resource can serve as a one-stop solution for managing the subscription list of visitors on your website. Aside from the push notification services, SendPulse offers an array of services that include predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, email and SMS services, etc. 

Sendpulse - Capture the Pulse of Consumers

Subscribing to Sendpulse is rather convenient, and you receive a plethora of services right at the tip of your fingers. 

Notable features: 
  • Highly efficient messaging service 
  • Offline notification system 
  • High level of subscriptions 
  • Trigger messages and bulk messages 
  • Developer APIs are provided by default. 
  • The facility to send out personalised notifications on a segmented basis. 
  • Super easy process of setting up and 24x7 responsive customer services. 

4. Omnisend–An Empowering Addition to your Site 

As the name suggests, the Omnisend tool is immensely powerful in terms of providing push notification services. It provides a toolbox full of omnichannel marketing automation facilities, where you can incorporate push notifications in automation workflows alongside SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, email, messenger, and many more.

Omnisend–An Empowering Addition to your Site

You can use this robust resource to replace many of the smaller resources. 

Notable features: 
  • Inclusion of multiple channels in the same automation workflow 
  • A/B testing and dynamic reporting 
  • Segmentation to support you in targeting and keeping messages relevant 
  • Visual builder for email, popups, push notifications, landing pages, etc 

5. PushCrew – One Tap is All it Takes 

If you are looking for a multipurpose web notification tool, then PushCrew is a treat to work on. It is simple to set up, amazingly designed, with a clean UI. You need to modify the default values, paste the given authentication code section, put in your RSS feed, and it is ready to roll. 

PushCrew – One Tap is All it Takes
The tool presents its services in three distinct categories, i.e. PushCrew Premium, PushCrew Business, and PushCrew Enterprise. 

Notable features: 
  • Send notifications to different segments of subscribers 
  • The scope to schedule your notifications 
  • Incorporate images to your notifications 
  • Multi-website and multi-user support 

6. LetReach–Shootup Consumer Engagement like Confetti 

LetReach enables you to engage with your audience in a precise and comprehensive way by extending the web push notifications feature. Rather new in the industry, it has already begun to create waves with its brilliant features. 

LetReach–Shootup Consumer Engagement like Confetti

The services of this tool are divided into three plans, namely Standard, Pro and Elite. The plans cost $15, $60 and $175 per month respectively, and each of them offers an excellent set of features. 

Notable features: 
  • Customisable multiple opt-ins 
  • A hassle-free and quick setup process 
  • Unique subscriber insights feature that allows you to know about the preferences of your subscribers and use the required filters 
  • Real time metrics for optimum performance 
  • Segmentation targeting 
  • Easy third-party integration 

7. PushAssist – A Formidable Force that Drives Traffic 

The tool has earned a stellar reputation among its users owing to its remarkable features. When you opt for this resource, you get to enjoy every feature that you can ask for in a web-based push notification service. Many online businesses are reaping the rewards of opting for this resource. 

PushAssist – A Formidable Force that Drives Traffic

PushAssist is available in three different categories that are Silver, Gold and Premium. 

Notable features: 
  • Real-time Usage Metrics 
  • Unlimited Segments 
  • Scope for unlimited campaigns 
  • Options to schedule notifications for future 
  • HTTPS Support 
  • Mobile website notifications 
  • Native opt-ins (requires HTTPS) 
  • Multi-Language support 
  • Multi-sites under one account 
  • Welcome Notification 
  • Multi-user login 
  • Customisation of the notification window 
  • Email support 

PushAssist enables you to send unlimited web-based push notifications to first 3000 subscribers, so that is another added bonus. 

8. FoxPush – Optimum Engagement Guaranteed 

People associated with online businesses are no stranger to FoxPush notification services. The best part about this resource is that it comes with a guarantee CTR of 20%.

FoxPush – Optimum Engagement Guaranteed

FoxPush is available in both free and paid options. The basic plan (which is free) is suited for most users. The prices go all the way up to $199 depending on the plan you choose. FoxPush is compatible with popular platforms including Android, Windows, and Mac. 

Notable features: 
  • Simple setup process 
  • Instant delivery 
  • Live tracking system 
  • Multi-browser support 
  • Device targeting 
  • Multiple-device support 
  • GEO targeting 
  • Emoji-support 

9. AdRack – A Little Nudge can go a Long Way

AdRack presents a more advanced B2C messaging system with its excellent services. 

The AdRack UI is incredibly smooth and easy-to-navigate. All the features that come with the tool can be accessed through the browser-based service.

AdRack – A Little Nudge can go a Long Way
This means that you don’t need to download any separate software to send, schedule, and track your messages. The setup process is convenient as well. You can explore the AdRack tool with a free 14-day trial. 

Notable features: 
  • Subscriber lists allow you to send notifications by geolocation or time zone 
  • Scheduler makes it simple to set notifications to be sent out in the future 
  • Daily stat reports highlight subscriber fluctuation 
  • Real-time tracking provides data from recently sent messages 
  • RSS-to-push functionality 
  • Dynamic previewer allows you to check what your notification will look like on your consumer’s different devices 
  • Big Image in notifications 
  • Welcome drip presents your messages in front of consumers when they are the most likely to pay attention. 

10. Wigzo– Marketing Automation at its Best 

This one is widely recognised to be the true marketing automation suite. Founded in 2013, Wigzo has gone through many modifications.

Wigzo– Marketing Automation at its Best

Presently, they have emerged as one of the best marketing automation suites that specialise in web notifications and email services. 

Notable features: 
  • Analytics / ROI tracking 
  • Contact management 
  • Campaign segmentation 
  • Multivariate testing 
  • Website visitor tracking 
  • Direct mail management 
  • Multi-channel management 
  • Content / Blogging platform 
  • Lead management 
  • Email drip campaigns 
Other than these features, you get round-the-clock customer service. Their customer support team can help you if you miss any details or want clarity on how to work with it. You get detailed training in the form of Webinars, Documentation, etc. 

Yay! You have made it this far into the post, so here is a bonus point for you. 

11. XtremePush – Push in the Direction of Maximum Conversions 

Out of all the names on this list, XtremePush tool is the only one that offers a 30-day free trial for every plan. 

XtremePush – Push in the Direction of Maximum Conversions

The price plans for this tool comes in three different categories, Pro, Premium and Business and you can first opt for a 30-day free trial. If you are satisfied with its services, you can pay to continue. 

Notable features: 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Location and language targeting 
  • Advanced Scheduling 
  • Segmentation and audience targeting 
  • CRM integration 
  • Automated campaigns 
  • Real time targeting 
  • Unlimited websites 
  • A/B Testing 
  • White label option 
  • Multiple logins 
  • Parting thoughts. 

12. Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications 

This is another free web push tool designed by popular digital marketing expert Neil Patel. Subscribers tool provides 3 plans for any size Business. As a Blogger you can use free plan. Under Free plan you can collect upto 200 subscribers per month.

Subscribers – Free Web Push Notifications

If you are WordPress user then you can directly use Subscribers Plugins

Notable features: 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Push to Chrome, Firefox and Safari 
  • Desktop & mobile supported 
  • HTTPS & HTTP supported 
  • Basic customer support 
  • Schedule notifications in advance 
  • Welcome drip campaigns 
  • Advanced customer support 

Wrap It Up 

Now that you have this extensive list, take your pick and watch your subscriber list grow like Rapunzel’s hair. Unleash the power of push notifications and get more traffic to your website with these tools. If you have already used any of the resources, share your experience in the comment section below.

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