6 Killer Tips on How to Get More Views on YouTube for Free

6 Killer Ways to Promote YouTube Videos for More Views. Learn how to get more YouTube views for free by using your social media profiles, YouTube's platform and optimization features.
Videos have forever been the most preferred tool by users in consuming content. They are like instant gratification where the visuals do the trick. 

Well-made videos can capture the attention of the target audience easier than any other marketing tool. Hence, they are favourite to brand in their attempts to reach out to a wider and bigger marketplace. 

Plus, making and promoting high-quality videos is quite cost-effective as well given how platforms like YouTube and social networks have eased their spread. 

However, all your efforts in creating videos would be useless if you did not know how to make and promote them. If you’re not following right tactics and tricks, chances are, your videos may not reach to the target audience in the manner you anticipate.

You should know that promoting YouTube videos is an art in itself and unless you become an artist, not much can be gained from them for sure. There are some techniques and strategies to promote those videos. 

No matter which niche your YouTube videos are targeting, there are proven ways to market them so that more users can view them.

Only this can increase your prospects and hopefully help convert users into prospects. So, take video promotion seriously and realize the true potential of your marketing efforts.

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6 Smart Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

Here are some killer ways to promote YouTube videos for more views - 
  1. Optimize the video title for more clicks 
  2. Be correct with the Video tag usages 
  3. Share videos on social media channels 
  4. Run a blog for your YouTube channel 
  5. Use calls to action (CTA) 
  6. Utilize YouTube playlist 
Those are the best ways to promote any YouTube videos and help the algorithm to analyse user behaviour, improve video search result and make better YouTube’s bot detection capabilities. 

1. Optimize the video title for more clicks 

The titles of videos are always a key determiner between their popularity and lack of popularity on the internet. If titles are not up to the market, the videos are then not expected to perform well.

So, it’s always apt to fist do thorough research about the trending titles and then craft an engaging one for your video. You should know that short and to-the-point titles always do better than long-drawn ones. To boost their engagement quotient, it’s better to add the current year, and yes, use the keyword in the title for more views.

Use of power words and emotional triggers can also help to some extent. 

2. Be correct with the Video tag usages 

The incorrect use of the tag is one of the major letdowns for YouTube videos as it also affects their organic promotion. YouTube tags work entirely different than those for blog posts, so get them to spot on and boost the likeability quotient of your effort.

First, make sure your video has a unique branded tag with brand name included in that. Secondly, you can use the main keyword as the video tag or try a keyword variation as a tag for better promotion.

Most importantly, you must search, find and then use those tags that are part of high-ranking videos. If you get the tags right, it will positively affect the organic rankings of your videos.

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3. Share videos on social media channels 

What purpose of creating amazing YouTube videos when you’re not promoting them across channels on the internet?

You must leverage the incredible reach and clout of social media channels to give your videos the kind of visibility and exposure they deserve. It’s always better to have a community outside of YouTube to get your videos traffic from other channels/sources as well.

So, you can promote them on the Facebook page, or Twitter or Instagram profile. You can use relevant hashtags on social platforms to further enhance the visibility of your videos.

This is how your effort and time will pay rich dividends in the form of more views for the videos. 

4. Run a blog for your YouTube channel 

The best way to boost views for your videos is to promote them across communities and platforms.

This will ensure a wider audience to them. You should not just rely on the YouTube community itself for your videos to do better when you can tap into other ways as well to boosting their views. You can run a blog for your videos and embed the videos easily onto the blog.

When you run a blog for your videos, it’s like giving them another platform and source to get views and help realize marketing goals. There are so amazing video-specific themes that popular blogging platforms offer which you can benefit from easily for ease with the process. 

5. Use calls to action (CTA) 

All YouTube videos exist for basically three purposes – entertainment, enrichment and information. Their purpose is to grab users’ attention either by keeping them hooked, or by providing them information, or by removing their doubts.

Your videos must be telling them something worthwhile and that’s why views are coming. So, why don’t you go a step further and ask users to take some actions? You can ask the viewers to LIKE or SUBSCRIBE to your channel or request them to share the videos further.

 This is called “Call to action” technique which you can leverage to boost the reach of your videos. You must know that the CTA works magic and can help increase the views and share in a big way. 

6 Smart Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

6. Utilize YouTube playlist 

Adding videos to the YouTube playlist is a wonderful way to boost the reach and visibility of your videos.

You can upload the video to either an existing playlist or can go ahead and create a new one for your videos. Uploading to the existing playlist is like joining a group of popular videos on the platform and amplifying the impact of yours. But if the existing playlist does not serve the purpose, it’s always better to create a new one by using a meaningful name and having a keyword in the title.

Make sure you put in a detailed description thereby using keywords as well. You can them club similar videos to that list, and the playlist will thus appear in search results to fetch views and visibility for your effort. 

In addition, you can- 
  • Use an eye-catching thumbnail. 
  • Use Intro and outro video for your YouTube channel Branding. 
  • Interview Influencers In Your Vlogging Niche 
  • Use YouTube’s Creator Academy 
  • Share your latest video with your YouTube community for promotion. 
For more information on the subject, it’s always better to consult a top digital marketing company. You can also hire an expert to help promote YouTube videos and get more views for them.

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