How Startups Can Benefit From Press Release Distribution?

8 Advantages That Press Release Writing Will Help You Unlock. You may feel the need to write and distribute press releases on that could become your future sponsors, lift your startup off the ground and fuel your ascension. You might not need press release distribution services, but Press releases are still a legitimate way to help tell company stories and promote it various media. Press release distribution services can be a useful tool to pitch your press.

    Tops 8 Ways How a Press Release Service Can Help Startups
    Top 8 Ways How a Press Release Service Can Help Startups
    Press releases aren’t dead at all. In fact, it is an effective way to gain publicity for any size of business. 

    It’s not only for the popular brands that have established their business in their industry. Startups and small businesses e.g. Dickeys franchise can benefit well from issuing a release. 

    It’s a common mistake that startups do. A lot of them think that distributing content like releases is not for them. It may be too costly, or they wouldn’t benefit from it at all. 

    How to issue releases effectively? 

    Not getting serious on how to craft and distribute releases is one major mistake that most brands do. Therefore, they aren’t getting results for years and years of pitching to the media. 

    For you to leverage and maximize the benefits of releases, you need to know what it takes to write a powerful content that would generate the media’s interest. Know how to write a release following the correct format. 

    Remember that small and big companies e.g. Dickeys franchise can enjoy the same benefits from issuing releases. However, as a startup, you need to do lot more effort, especially if it is your first time to distribute content. 

    You need to know how to place keywords, use links, follow the format and make it interesting. You need to build relationships with the press and ensure that they are familiar with your brand before approaching them. 

    Here are ways how small businesses can get the most out of issuing releases: 

    1. Immediate exposure. 

    Most small companies are concerned how they are going to launch content marketing campaigns with very limited resources. Issuing a release can help you achieve this. If you have a new product or service, all you want is to get the word out about this new offer. 

    The good news is that you don’t have to break your bank to gain this kind of exposure. Although you are a small business, releases can help you stand out from the rest of the brands. It helps you establish your authority and trust in front of your audience and receive a lot more benefits. 

    2.You can be a thought leader. 

    Your team may be small, but it doesn’t limit your capacity to be an expert in your own field. Highlight this expertise to talk about the topics that you know very well. 
    For instance, volunteer to be a speaker in an event like a conference or a seminar. Set up a webinar and write about all these campaigns. In the right time, they would recognize you as an industry leader or expert in your niche. 

    3. Building relationships with the press. 

    When you distribute releases, part of the basic things you need to do is building relationships with the media. Without rapport, it is impossible for you to score publicity. 

    Prior to pitching, you need to know your target press to personalize your pitches. It gives journalists a chance to know if you are paying attention to details that would give you a better chance of getting media coverage. 

    If you are a startup, leveraging on these relationships gives you a greater opportunity to stand out from other small businesses in the market. It is one of the basics that are often neglected by most PR professionals and marketers. 

    4. It boosts traffic to your site. 

    It can be surprising to know that there are 80 million people, searching for exclusive stories and information online on a daily basis. This makes sense to use all marketing tactics like releases to push your brand on top of the search engines and social media newsfeeds. 

    Include one to two links in your content to encourage people to visit your site. It gives them an opportunity to learn more about your company and offer. Other techniques that you can try to promote traffic to your site is by optimizing the headline, keyword, hashtags, description, images and videos. 

    5. You reach your target audience. 

    Through releases, you don’t have to think how you are going to target audiences. Since newswires services are targeted to a specific industry and location, it helps you reach your prospects, customers, media and influencers. Issuing releases help widen your reach and help you build connection with people who have the same interest. 

    6. SEO Benefits. 

    As a small business, it is very critical to become visible on the search engines. If you are distributing your content via press release services, you earn backlinks to your site. 

    Make sure to use relevant keywords in your content. It boosts your chance to rank on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Optimizing your release makes you searchable and visible to people, using the same search terms. 

    7. It helps attract investors and partners. 

    The dream of every startup is to grow their business. Issuing releases can help you attain this goal. If you distribute releases, you don’t only get in touched with your target customers, but also investors and probable partners. 

    Investors are constantly looking for companies to invest in. If you are regularly seen in the news, and you appear on different sites, it gives you more opportunities to attract investors. 
    Your small business can eventually grow through the help of partners. You don’t have to do all these tasks alone. 

    8. You distribute your news across various channels. 

    When you distribute releases through the media or a press release service, your story is not only limited to your site. It is seen on multiple channels. 

    Keep in mind that exposure is very important to your small business. It helps you reach other networks. It keeps your connection with the public. 
    Through releases, you can receive publicity that will help you get mentions. The wider your exposure, the better is your chance to build your brand. 
    If you want to avoid issues and get the most out of distributing releases for your startup, you need to always avoid the mistakes in crafting a release. 


    • In writing, small businesses often overlook the length of releases. They write length content, which is not going to get you publicity. 
    • Journalists ignore content like this. Newswire companies charge higher for length releases. They also reject if it doesn’t fit their requirements. 
    • If you still have enough funds to pay for distribution services, you can get your news distributed to several reporters at a single time. It will also be distributed on various sites and platforms. 
    • But, remember that it will cost you. There are free newswires available, but it doesn’t produce the same outcome as the paid ones. 
    • You can use influencers to help build your brand and get your product or service in the market. Choose influencers relevant to your industry and topic. 
    • Sometimes, having a huge following is not the only thing that matters. You need to ensure that the influencers are connected to your target customers. It helps to easily promote your offer that is relevant to them. 
    • You need to know the rules in pitching. Get information about the media and the publication you are pitching to. 
    • The information that you’re getting can be used in customizing your pitch. Building a connection should be part of your media outreach and public relations. 
    • If you are just starting to distribute releases, don’t think that you can issue releases for every event happening in your company. Journalists are only going to pick newsworthy stories relevant to their audience. 
    • Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. “Why they should care about your story?” Give them a reason to stop, read and share your content. 
    • Make the headline newsworthy and interesting. Highlight the 5 W’s and H in the lead paragraph. Answer these important questions that would help journalists decide that your story is worth covering. 
    • Distributing releases is important for small businesses and startups like you. You can benefit well from it of you are going to take it seriously, and know the best practices. 
    • There are many newsworthy reasons to distribute releases. You just have to offer a great story behind a story. 
    • Provide a unique news angle. Avoid cliché stories. It is easy to just write an ordinary story, thinking that everyone is doing it. 
    • However, think outside the box. If you want to gain media coverage, offer a story that is not yet seen in the newspaper. 
    • You also have to ensure that your audience would benefit from it. Always think how they are going to benefit from your content. 
    • Include data, images, video or infographics that help improve your storytelling. It makes your content engaging and more shareable on social media channels. Include quotes that provide a human element and add credibility to your story. 
    • Don’t forget to follow up after pitching. Give them a week or two before asking about your pitch. Don’t make unsolicited calls as it may limit your chance of getting a positive outcome. 
    • Sometimes, it may not be the right time yet for them to cover you. There are times that they are looking for a story. They may just reserve your story for a future coverage.
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