Build powerful Website Traffic by combining WordPress and Instagram

Learn how to combine WordPress site pictures and videos with your Instagram. Instagram enhances social media referral traffic and traffic stats. So it helps you gain traffic to your site, which consequently can help your business grow faster.
A fashion website must be at the peak of events, always full of happening news, always updating, always getting new media added to the content, and colorful. That is how a fashion-related website must look like. And if yours is not that good, then consider it dead.


this does not mean you can’t bring life to it or spice it up. You can work on the fashion-related website to spice it up and make it a great success by adding simple social media snippets and themes to it. 

The best can be done to a website when you have a Wordpress site. Arranging a Wordpress site is always at your discretion, and you do not have to care about contacting a coder or getting a web developer.

You can do all that on your own. And that is why when you want to tweak the feel of your fashion site, and also get it the best traffic, nothing works better than Wordpress. Find out how.

How to Integrate Your Social Media Accounts with WordPress
Build powerful Website Traffic by combining WordPress and Instagram

Themes in Wordpress 

Wordpress offers excellent themes, and many of the themes are social media integrated. The role of social media in online marketing SEO and traffic building is proven, and even a child knows how important social media sites are for promotion and branding of a website.

That is why Wordpress themes that integrate social media in them to show the button, snippet window, or part of the page with social posts acts lovely in making the website more friendly and fashionable. 

Instagram Wordpress themes 

Instagram can be embedded into a Wordpress site. And that is the beauty of the Instagram Wordpress themes. There are some Wordpress themes, which are social media friendly, and especially Instagram friendly. And the Instagram related themes are made to show the snippet of your Instagram account profile page, on the landing page of your Wordpress managed fashion website.

That is why users are coming to the landing page, will instantly see the Instagram account being shown on that page only, without interfering with or disturbing the other site contents. 

That is how the window is sized and fitted on to Wordpress. Hence using this theme makes sure that you can display your Instagram account updates, latest posts and pictures all on your Wordpress site, and direct through the fashion-related website. Now you will wonder, what is the use of showing your Instagram account activity and latest posts here on your site landing page. 

Why show Instagram on your website? 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites these days, and there are plenty of reasons for its popularity. The number of tags you may assign to the picture, the number of comments you may get on it, the followers you may get through lovely posts, the chats you may begin, how you may endorse your products through your Instagram profile bio section, and how you apply filters on your posts to make them even more attractive images, are all the features of Instagram. With so many features dedicated to image sharing, this social platform is one of the best places to be in these days. 

Almost all people of all ages from all parts of the world have an account on Instagram, and this high rate of usage is the reason that its popularity is making online marketers look for harnessing its social sharing power as much as possible. Sharing the Instagram account with full updates on your Wordpress website about fashion is just one such attempt and effort at increasing your visitors and followers and thus the future website traffic. 

How is Traffic Related to Instagram? 

You get more followers through your existing website and Instagram followers. Also, you get fresh followers directly from Instagram as you post the same content that you posted on-site on the social platform. With proper tagging and keyword usage, you can get people to click on the posts, read your links, and reach your website. 

Instagram basically can give you more traffic by making people more interested in your website through the tagged photos you share on the social site. The more people follow you on the account, the more chances you gain of getting the same people to visit your website by following the links on Instagram.

And once again, when someone reaches your Instagram account through your website, then also the person can get a good idea of how much followers you have on the social site. This will help them understand your already created brand image and site popularity as the entity. And this is where more followers may join you through their reference etc. 

Get more from Instagram 

Using Instagram, you may get more. You can get email subscribers, lead list, and exposure online on a good social site, branding, and much more. However, to get them all, you need plenty of followers on your Instagram account.

And you don’t get followers into a fresh account in one day just like that. For this, you will have to put effort, socialize online, make fresh connections, revert to followers, reply to page visits and comments, and at the same time use Instagram advertising agencies to increase more followers without spending a fortune. 

Get your fashion website to high ranks 

Traffic is brought through high rank in Google and other search engines. The other way also happens. High traffic makes the site reach up high in the ranking, and hence, if the site is already getting high traffic through social media sites, then the ranking will also eventually improve.


High rank, high traffic, good site design, all can be achieved with merely using Wordpress as the CMS, and Instagram based themes on it. 

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