5 Most important Tips for writing a quality Blog Article

Writing effective blog posts require more than just words on a screen. Here is what you need to create compelling content that gets readers clicking, sharing, and buying.
5 Most important Tips for writing a quality Blog Article

If you are a new blogger then you may heard about quality content. Everybody is talking about quality content is the key to get higher rank. But what actually quality content you may not aware about this. When I was newbie then I was confusion about this and made comments on others blog but didn't got any worthy answer. However after reaching in certain level now I can share with you some basic tips to write quality content or article. 

This article will help you to write a quality content or blog article which is love by Search Engine and Readers. I have narrated 5 most important tips for your writing.

1. Content is the King

I got huge article about Content is the King and finally I agree with this topic. Before that I thought that content is a partial element to grow our blog. So now we will discuss how we can write content like a king. You can write a content from 100 words to 2000 words but which is better? Content with few words or more words. If we compare it with King Size cigarette that king size is always extra big so we have to write article like extra big. In this case you may select the words between 500 to 1200 words per content. In addition Search engine always like descriptive and unique content or article. And your article must be free from all sort of grammatical and spelling error. 

On the other hand you should not go with longer article like 2000 words. However search engine may like your content or article but your readers will feel boor and skip your content. 

2. Be vibrant and concise

According to king size article writing if you don’t get any vibrant and concise point idea then your readers will stop reading at the beginning. There are many topics which has written with irrelevant idea to make it bigger. Eventually they are losing their readers because you have to take into account both SEO friendly and Readers friendly article. So at the beginning of the content give summary what you are going to describe and go for further description on the article body. Create a clear cut theme and explain step by step thus your readers feel interest to go further. And Always take help of proof reading to point out irrelevant section on your article. So be vibrant and concise to take your article on higher level that leads to quality content. 

3. Segmenting Your Article 

If you are planning to write long article then try to make segmentation but using paragraph, bullet points even you can write longer article within 2 part (in 2 posts). Sometimes we see Series article get priority than usual one because readers feel interest to go second part of the article if they find first part is really interesting. Paragraphing, bullet marking give better understanding to readers. And readers fill interest to read the whole article. And a quality content always use paragraphing, bullet marking and sometimes it segment into different part. 

4. Inbound links and references 

Quality article or content always with several related inbound links and legit references. Because it can easily attract the readers and increase the credibility. If you just write something which hasn’t any strong reference and any prof to support your article then readers may not believe on you. Beside of this you can build your article strong with relevant inbound links for better understanding your article by readers.

5. Relevant Images

Article without image looks dull without spice. If you found an article with 2000 words but hasn't any relevant images then you might not found interesting. Don’t think that your blog is your personal diary that you are writing some content for your own. You must use relevant images to make your blog attractive to divert readers mind into your speech. Sometimes you can use graph or analytic representation to create strong argument in favor of your article. Remember that this is one of the best component of quality article or content.

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Final Words

The above component I have found that should be combine to write a quality article or content. Because those component can make an article strong, relevant, supportive and argumentative. And you must remember that if you go for writing any controversial article then you must mention points in favor and against it. Otherwise all readers won’t accept your article similarly. I can mention about my recent article about CommentLuv that should we use it or not? There I have used points about advantage and disadvantage of using commentLuv where I got good response from my loyal readers. 

Anyway hope this article will guide you to write quality content or article. And if you want to something add with this article then kindly share it by commenting thus other readers can share their views with you.
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