10 Ways to Make Money From Valentine's Day

know the top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Money making and Small Business ideas in 2017 for Blogger and website owner. Know valentine's day gifts for him and her.

No doubts Valentine's Day is very special for traditional lovers and majority of couple wants to make this day special. February 14th is to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day in most parts of the world with no boundaries. Doing something special for beloved one cost you money. generally people spend more or less money on that occasion and as a smart blogger, small business owner and optimistic entrepreneur you can make handsome amount of money from lovers and fun seekers on this precious day. 

You don't have to be so expert on selling or marketing something but you can earn a lot by following these 10 ways to earn extra cash from Valentine's day occasion. 

How Blogger can earn money from Valentine's Day occasion?

You might think how is this possible? There are no relation between Blogger and Valentine's Day!!! But in real you can do it my friend. I will show you the probable ways to make money as a Blogger from Valentine's Day. Please go through my rest of the article. 

1. Make money by Event Blogging for Valentine's Day occasion.

Event Blogging is one of the best way to make over $1000 in a couple of days. There are many event blogger making money on the special occasions. I am giving you little idea about event blogging. We celebrate several special days around the year like Valentine's Day, Independent day, mother language day, New Year, Christmas, Halloween etc. And for those occasions people search related things, for example for the occasion of Valentine's Day now hottest search trend is Valentine's Day greeting cards, love quotes, wallpaper, Valentine's Day poetry, gift items, songs, movies and many more. So if you can create a Blog with all this stuff for Valentine's Day, obviously your blog will get huge visitors and boost your income. And the key way to make money is monetizing your event Blog by AdSense or any native advertising ad network like ClickPay, Adnow, Rev Content and affiliate marketing. 

You can buy a domain that match with Valentine's Day or create a Blogger hosted free blog and add stuff all Valentine's Day related post. Create at least 30 post and try to promote on social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and see the result. If you are a old blogger then you will receive 10x more visitors than your current event Blog sites. 

2. Make money from your Fashion Blog by writing review. 

Generally Couple exchange gifts on Valentine's Day and those who wants to give a dress gift s/he must look through a local cloth store but there you won't get much choice, so to get more choice and ideas you should go through fashion blog sites. If you already have fashion blog then you can write about Valentine's Day related trendy fashion. Show up new arrival on Valentine's Day and viewers will love to read and keep engage with your Blog. on the other hand, you will receive more loyal readers that boost your ad revenue, sales and affiliate income. If you have your own product then you can sell it through your Blog and make some quick hard cash. 

3. Make money by selling coolest stuff through DIY and Craft Blog.

There are many popular DIY and Craft Blogs, where bloggers are selling product through their Blog. And in special occasion their selling unit reach pick. If you know how to make coolest stuff then you can sell through your DIY and craft blog for Valentine's Day occasion. Simply you can make handmade Valentine's greeting cards, lovely colored heart shape envelops, Love Notes, A Super Simple Valentine's Day Teacher Gift, Fancy wall mirrors, decorations materials etc. keep remember about shipping charge while you set your product price.

4. Write Valentine's Day Love Letters and sell on Fiverr and PeoplePerHour

The majority people aren't very professional when it comes to writing poetry or love letters, but if you're a good poetry and love letter writer with amazing sentences, then you can turn your skill into money maker machine. You can promote your skill through Fiverr and PeoplePerHour and increase the changes to get hired for writing love letters for your clients. 

5. Make money by Affiliate marketing

You are aware about affiliate marketing where we can promote other's product in our Blog and by selling them we can get commission. If you are a website or blog owner that generates a considerable amount of traffic then you can targeted your Blog visitors who would most likely to celebrate Valentine. You can make money by promoting gift items, flowers, dress, Valentine cards, etc. on your Blog sidebar or in a post. To do this you will need to register as an affiliate with website that sells flowers and valentines gift items for online. Whenever someone buys an item through your affiliate links, you will get a small commission on the sale.

6. Sell product on your Beauty Blog by writing Product review

Man has less beauty product idea than women. So if you are running a beauty blog then you can promote trendy beauty product for Valentine's Day by writing product review and motivate people to buy and give surprise his beloved ones. You don't have to be pay much effort. Try to promote latest Makeup kits, Bath and body sets etc. for selling and see start making cash on Valentine's Day. 

7. How Food and Recipe Blogger can make money on Valentine's Day

Bake Valentine-Themed Goodies like cookies, cakes, and pastries are most popular on Valentine's Day, additionally almost 99% people keep Candy and chocolates with the valentine's gift items. Food Blogger can write about new shape chocolates, cakes, cookies etc. and sell on their blog on valentine's occasions, as well as they can share special recipe for the upcoming Valentine's Day occasion. In addition, as a food blogger you can suggest some local restaurant for romantic dinner with special multi-course meal for couple, family, friend and co-workers. Popular food blogger with large volume of traffic can partner with local restaurant provide special discount offer or promotional code to your blog readers and by promoting the restaurant divert Valentine's couple in-exchange you will receive commissions. 

8. Sell Romantic Gifts on Etsy 

We knows that events always last long for couple of days or weeks so we should do everything as a savvy entrepreneur. For selling occasional day product you shouldn't invest a lot. But there are many opportunities where we can promote our product and sell free of cost. You don't have to have a e-commerce site to sell your product, simply you can open a free store to sell romantic gifts for Valentine's day. Yes! Etsay is providing opportunity to open free online store, where you will get millions of ready customer where you can start selling your Valentine's romantic gift items like roses, Jewelry, candy, chocolate etc instantly. Roses sell like hotcakes on Valentine's day, why don't you open a free store on Etsy and sell rapidly. 

Before opening a online store on Etsy please go through my this URL, Etsy has special offer for BloggerSpice readers. You will get 40 free product listing on Etsy, but if you open directly then Etsy will charge $0.27 per product listing. 

9. Photography Blogger can make more money on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, surrounds with all the sentiment. And it is prime time for weddings, engagements, and other relationship-specific photo ops. If you are a good photographer then you have huge potentiality to earn more money than others by snap shots of the special moments. On Valentine's Day occasion you can select some specific place where couple spend much time. By taking consent of valentine's couple shots high quality and beautiful photograph and handover them through memory card. Obviously photographer can make money off lovers and fun seekers on Valentine's Day by photo shooting. People always wants frame their sweet memories and cherish forever, so alternatively you can deliver a copy photo with lovely photo frame. 

10. Use your Party Planning Skills to make money

One of the most effective part to make money is party planning. Valentine's couple always enjoy fun-filled party, so why don't you utilize your hidden skill? We knows that there may not a good demand for amateur party planners but on special occasion you can get the opportunity to plan a party. For promoting your party plan open a Blog as a party planner and promote it in all social media sites to get client. If you don't get then arrange party for your friends, co-workers, even for strangers and shop from dollar/pound shop to keep the cost low. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Entrepreneur and Business. 

As a Entrepreneur and Business owner often we don't get any idea that what might be the gift items or what to sell on Valentine's Day occasion. I have sorted some popular and least popular gift idea that might be helpful to start your Valentine's day business. 
  • Flowers Specially Roses 
  • Candy and Chocolates, Specially molded face in chocolate
  • Elephant poop flowers
  • Mysterious balloon
  • New pets for your beloved one. 
  • Unique plants for plant lover couple. 
  • Edible undergarments
  • Heart shaped meat products
  • Best wish handmade valentine cards
  • Teddy bears and dolls
  • Printed mug, teapot etc. 
  • Jewelries items like Gold and Diamond ring and chain, Heart couple Necklace.
  • Dresses like Valentine shirts, Shoes. 
  • Digital lovely photo frames
  • Gift items like gift boxes, gift basket
  • Romantic novels, digital books
  • Children Toys
  • Fancy home decorating materials like bulbs, wallpapers.
  • Makeup kits, Bath and body sets etc for lady.

So those are the ideas which we can target to start our business with it. 



I have come with many ideas that best fit for Blogger and website owner or small business owner. moreover join in many facebook group, Pinterest to promote and sell your products on Valentine's day occasion. If you have any other ideas to make some extra hard cans on valentine's day then you can share. Me and my Blog readers love to hear your ideas in comments below.
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