AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

AdNow: A Hybride Native Advertising System with contemporary solution. Make money online flawlessly with AdNow.
AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

Have you ever monetized your website with native advertising ads or Adsense alternatives? Many of your answer will be “Yes” but can’t able to make desire amount of money? Am I right? You are really struggling to make money from your ads but at the same end you noticing Milestone is far ahead. Even Google AdSense users are in same condition. This is absolutely true that many publishers are making less than $1 per day from AdSense ads.

There are probable and proven reason behind that your Website visitors may become tired to see the same old ad banner on same place every day. As a result they are not clicking on that ad banner. This may called Ad blindness. While people use same website everyday then their brain get a notification about advertisement banner or section. And generally while they visit and read website then they don’t intent to click on that section. This is natural, and for this reason after trying hard you are not making handsome amount of money from your advertising company.

For this reason advertising company continuously researching and analyzing and finally reach in same decision that they should adopt the native advertisement system. And native advertisement system is profitable for both Publisher and Advertiser. 

What is Native Advertising?

The concept of Native advertising is quite new. And this type of ads and media format is using for couple of years but still not well-known to many ad publishers. You might confuse that what is native advertising! According to bookish form:

“Native advertising is a form of Paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.”

More clearly we can say:

“This is an advertising system where readers don’t feel that this is an ad banner and native ads seem to the visitors that this is the part of your website content. As a result visitors intend to click on ads more than 10x times that brings more revenue for publisher and advertiser can promote their product”.

So it’s time to bring changes in our ad displaying system thus website visitors become more engage to your ads instead of looking at same traditional ad banner. Among several other advertising companies, if you ask me to help you for native ads. My suggestion & recommendation goes to AdNow (A native advertising platform). However there are many reasons behind this for recommendation.  I hope you will explore below after reading rest of the review.

What Exactly AdNow?

Simple Answer is a perfect native advertising ad company for your Website and Blog. It’s been 2 years they are operating in the digital advertising world and they have grabbed the leading position for their innovative native ads. You can say AdNow is holding leading position on the teaser advertisement market.

AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

In the meantime they partnered with 190,000+ Publishers across 107 countries. This native advertising company emerged with monthly impression which going beyond 4.2 Billion/month. It means Adnow already gains great attention of millions of users and undoubtedly this is a legit advertising company for medium traffic blogs who struggling to get approved from Taboola, Outbrain and Revcontent.

Benefits of AdNow, A leading Native Advertising Company

It goes without say AdNow is dedicated for both publisher and Advertiser, because it thinks for both party. AdNow is a hybrid native advertising network that combines context with scale. As a native ad Publisher we can get the following values from this native advertising company.
  • They have Weekly payout system and you can draw when your balance reach to $20.
  • AdNow pays their publishers via Paypal, Wire and Payoneer (so we have couple of good alternative to receive payment).
  • Their ad widget script won’t conflicts with other ad systems.
  • All ads are pre-moderated and go through a process of safety check
  • AdNow is Ideal for native speaker because AdNow provides Personal account manager with local language support.
  • In case of CTR AdNow provides average native ad CTR of 1.15%.
  • You can setup AdNow instantly without any hassle.
  • Good opportunity is that even Non-English sites can join this native ad network.
  • There are millions of users around the Globe, they have coverage globally.
  • They maintain competitive Payout scale.
  • The publishers can track their revenue and performance real time.
  • There is referral system to earn money by referring others.
  • One-click option to for customizing ad widgets.
  • They have already huge partners and publishers globally and increasing day by day.
  • Not only good for Publisher but also lower minimum deposit threshold for advertisers.
In addition there are other benefits on placing ad banner. There are some other native ad companies such as Outbrain, Taboola or Revcontent shows content recommendation ads. But these platforms are too good only you have millions of traffic a month and they have some hard & fast approval method. But, Adnow serve best to Medium traffic websites & blog who still depended on Adsense ads for daily monetization.  Adnow won’t disappoint their publishers with strict approval system rather a descent traffic blogs can easily approve and Bloggers can enjoy a handsome earning.

AdNow ads display thumbnail like teaser text style for other content. As a result readers often feel interest to check it out. In addition they have wide range of product to display in advertisement section. So same readers attempt to check it out several times and publisher gets benefits.

AdNow helps to boost your Website Traffic, How?

This hybrid advertising company is not only for generating revenue but also it helps to boost your website traffic, but also AdNow helps to boost your website traffic and monetize your traffic. Even this plays a good rule with dull topics. While readers read your content and discover more interesting topic then the readers will feel more curiosity to explore new thing from advertisement. In real they won’t feel this is an advertisement rather this is a part of your article. As a result readers keep engage by him/herself for longer time. Eventually AdNow provides an opportunity to attract more traffic and utilize them to generate revenue effectively. Whatever your blog niche or you are a Blogger, Vlogger or podcaster definitely you will gain more engaging traffic for AdNow native ads.

How to Get Start with AdNow?

AdNow has got the most hassle free setup system. It will take less than 5 minutes to register and start with AdNow. Even they won’t scrutinize your website for giving approval.

Step #1:  Please visit Adnow Sign up, and add your Name, Email, Password and write your Skype ID (Optional). After that, click “SUBMIT” button.

AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

Step #2: You will receive a verification email in your given email address at the time of registration and simply click on Verification URL. That’s It your account is now active.

add site in adnow native advertising

Step #3: This time you have to add your site in AdNow dashboard, from the dashboard click of “SITES” and click “Add site” button. Now write your website name, URL, Language and select the volume of website’s monthly traffic and click “Add” button. You can add multiple sites by following same procedure.

AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

Step #4: After adding website now grab the ad widget code for placing the ad on your site. Similarly from your “AdNow” dashboard click “WIDGETS” and automatically ad preview will display on widget generation page, but you can customize from left vertical menu. After making necessary changes click “Save” button and click “HTML Code” tab to grab the widget code. You can place this code into your website.

Closing Thoughts

This is really become hard to generate revenue by using traditional advertising system. So this time to bring changes on advertisement system and policy to generate more revenue and avoiding banner blindness. Currently native advertising company is dominating the digital advertising world. And for this trendy advertising system AdNow come in forth with their innovative ad technique. 

There may different native advertising company you will find but there are some great features of AdNow where others can’t compete.  AdNow is more flexible to get payment than any other company and their CTR and eCPM rates are higher. In addition their ad widget is very good to customize and for wide range of advertiser their ad banner spin more often while display, so it generate more click and revenue. AdNow is suitable for both publisher and advertiser. A Publisher can benefited and maximize their revenue by adopting native ads and it is both lucrative enough for the website owner and affordable enough for the advertiser.

I hope, I given my best potential to explain something details about Adnow. But if you still have any question then you can Join AdNow Official discussion forum and start your conversation directly to Adnow representative. 

AdNow Review: Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website
AdNow is a Perfect Native Ads to Monetize Your Website

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