How to Submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Do you want to index your Blog’s static page’s sitemap? Then follow this tutorial to submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console?
A sitemap is very important for search engine optimization. Sitemap creates a file for web crawlers, as a result, Googlebot get the idea about your web pages and it helps to crawl in search engine. 

Formerly Google Blogger user able to submit sitemap only post pages. And for submitting Post page’s sitemap we use sitemap.xml file. 

This file containing all of your Blog posts list. But this list excluded your Blog’s static pages. As well as those static pages remain invisible in your Blog feeds. For this reason, we are unable to publish those static pages.

This step-by-step tutorial to create the sitemap for your blogger blog and how to submit the sitemap to Google search console will guide you like magic.

Static pages also very essential part of any Blog, because it contains much important information. Most of the Blogger or webmaster creates About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Service pages on Blogger static pages. As a result visitors often can visit those pages from respective Blog. 

Blogger Released Sitemap for Static Pages!

If Googlebot crawls those static pages on search engine then visitors will often see those pages on search engines result from pages.

There is good news that Google Search Console is now started accepting sitemap for Blog’s static pages. And webmaster can submit a separate sitemap for Blogger static pages. I will show you how to submit a sitemap for your Blog’s static pages?

Step #1: Go to and sign in with Gmail account

Step #2: Now Click on your blog to enter it to the webmaster Tools 

Step #3: From the left side click on Crawl to expend and select Sitemaps

Step #4: At the top right side click on red colour ADD/TEST SITEMAP button.

Step #5: Now add your sitemap in the dialogue that appears at once like below code sitemap-pages.xml
You have to add an only sitemap-pages.xml line for static page sitemap submission. If you wish to test your sitemap then click “Test”.

Step #6: When the test is completed, click “View test results” to check for errors. Generally, error may arise for a spelling error or other reason, so fix your errors. And click “Close test” to exit from Sitemap testing page.

submit sitemap for static pages

Step #7: After you fix your errors, can again click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button.
Write sitemap-pages.xml in the dialogue that appears, and click “Submit”.

How to Submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Now you will see your sitemap has submitted in Google search console but pending for indexing. Generally, it will take 12 to 24 hours to get indexed in Google search console. So please be patient and wait until indexing the static page sitemap on Google search console.

How to check your sitemap?

You can check your sitemap after submission. This is very easy to locate your static page sitemap. But for Blogger default and custom you can use a similar system.

If you are using Google-hosted domain then you can check your static page sitemap like below. Just replace “bloggerspice” with your Blog name. Copy the URL and directly paste it in your browser’s address bar and hit the “Enter” key from keyboard and see the sitemap. For custom Blogger site, you can check your sitemap like below URL.
Sometimes sitemap may not index. It can happen because of “Custom Robots Tags”. Suppose you have selected the option “noindex“for specific page then Google search console won’t index that page under your static page sitemap.

I hope this tutorial will help your Blog’s static page to get better search engine visibility and rank you higher. If you need any help then feel free to leave a comment below. I appreciate your feedback. 
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