How to Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country, Locations and Interests?

How to Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country, Locations and Interests?

Google Blogger Platform is most amazing platform for Blogging. And as a Blogger we may not well known with all features of BlogSpot. There are zillions of readers are visiting Blogs over the net for reading interesting things. But most of use make search query in search engine to get specific result. But search result is totally depending on search engine. Many Blog readers wants to read local Blog and in their native language but this is not possible to get all of local Blog list or blog with specific interest group. So if you are interested to visit and read blog by specific location or interest then you have to find a way to search them.

Fortunately Google Blogger has this opportunity to search Blog by country, location and different interest group. As a result you can easily find your desire Blog instantly. I will show you how to make search query to find out Blog by location and interest group?

Generally this feature works for Blogger profile keywords. Suppose you have added information about your location, favorite movies, music, and books in your Blogger profile and when other people make search Google display your Blog profile that match with keywords. As a result interested visitors first see your Blogger profile and after that they can visit your Blog.

For searching any Blog we have to use the below URL.
But if you just add this URL in your browser address bar then it will display a broken page, because you didn’t has added any extension. For finding specific interest based Blog we have to add specific extension.  For example, to search country specific blog we can use append &loc0=CountryCode after the end of the above search URL. And you have to replace “CountryCode” with a two-letter “country code” (USA = US, India = IN, Bangladesh = BD etc.). And make sure country code has written in capital letters.

How to Search Blog by Country?

This is an interesting method where we can search Blog by country. This feature will help to find country specific Blog. Suppose you want to find list of USA Blog then just copy the below URL and paste it in your Browser’s address bar.
  • USA Blog -
  • Indian Blog -
  • Bangladeshi Blog -
I think Sounds interesting, now we will dive into little deeper. Suppose you want to search location based Blog within specific country then we can use the below URL
  • Blogs from USA, Florida -
  • Blogs from USA, Miami -
  • Blogs from Bangladesh, Dhaka -
Here I have added append with “&loc1=StateName” or “&loc2=CityName”.  As a result all Blogs from Florida and Miami will display under this URL.

How to Search Blog By Interest?

You can find interesting Blog more fun way. Just you have to add your desired “Keyword” to get blog by interest. Please have a look at the below URL. Just you have to replace “KEYWORD” with any word. For example social, game, lifestyle, history etc. keyword you can use for making search query. 
Here you can use any keyword to find Blogger profile and get the Blog URL. 

How to Search Blog By Favorite Movies, Music and Books?

If you love to watch movie Blog or listen to music and want to know more about your favorite books then you can make this search query for finding desired Blog.
  • Favorite Movie’s Blog -
  • Favorite Music Blog -
  • Favorite Book’s Blog -
Just change the last part of the URL by your desire movie name, music name and books name and see the Blog lists.

How to Search Blog By Industry and Occupation?

If you works under specific industry or you are holding an occupation and want to learn more about that then you can go through the Industry and occupation related Blog. Don’t worry for make search query just use the below URLs. Make sure you have replaced industry name and desired occupation.
  • Industry related Blog -
  • Occupation related Blog -
This is really awesome feature of Google Blogger. And now you can find your desire Blog by any keywords. 

search blog by blogger profile.
How to Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country, Locations and Interests?
Many Blogger platform users are unknown about this feature. But Blogger has really made easy to search and read Blog by different interests. 


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      This is special feature of Google Blogger platform not available on WordPress. But you can use several plugins to redirect visitors to specific IP address. For example.

      Country IP Specific Redirections plugin

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    Hi, these links don't seem to work anymore. Has google changed their Blogger site so that you cannot search for locations and interests anymore?
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      Hi Julian, I just checked this feature and this is not working. Perhaps they have omitted this feature. However if i find any solution then i will update this tutorial.

      Thanks for letting me know this issue by commenting.
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