Earn Money from Home as Image Reviewer for Shutterstock

Good opportunity for Photographer, you can earn money from home by reviewing Images for Shutterstock.
Image Reviewer for Shutterstock

There are very few people you may find that they don’t like and enjoy photography. Many people do photography as hobby and they takes is like passion. You can turn your passion into a source of income by extra effort.

Answer some of my question. Do you know about photo editing tools or software? Do you have knowledge about how to capture a good photo? Do you have knowledge about photography selling? Then Shutterstock might be a good source of income where you can work from home.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is New York, USA based Simply Shutterstock is a 2 sided marketplace for creative professionals to license content, including images, video and music.  Shutterstock is mostly popular for royalty-free high-end image collection, videos and Music library.  Currently it has huge contributors like photographers, videographers, artists, and illustrators to enrich their stock.

How to Earn Money from Shutterstock as Image Reviewer?

Yes!!! You can earn money from Shutterstock as image reviewer. You don’t need to be much professional for it. There are many people, especially photographers are earning from Shutterstock only reviewing images. But they have some standard for potential image reviewer. This opportunity is open for all by only expert people with standard quality able to earn money from Shutterstock.

What Skills Are required for an Image Reviewer at Shutterstock? 

If you want to be a good image reviewer then you must have some skill. Without skill you won’t able to review image.
  • Over 2 years of professional photography experience required.
  • You should able to work quickly with high volume. You have to work minimum work 25-30 hours per week including 5-8 hours on the weekends.
  • Photo editing skill required, Adobe Photoshop knowledge is preferable.
  • You should able to apply metadata standards.
  • For selected photo you should use appropriate keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Image reviewer must provide consistent and concise opinion to contributors.
  • Image should be evaluate based on latest trends, styles, and commercial value
  • You should have strong command of English for analyze the image and provide feedback.
In addition you need some basic requirement such as Personal Computer, high-speed broadband Internet access to execute your review. Because when you apply for Image reviewer at Shutterstock then they will check your Internet download speed.  Minimum 25 mbps is required for the download speed.

How to evaluate images for Shutterstock?

They have specific guidelines for image evaluation. And if it matches with evaluation criteria then you can approve the image for them.

#1: overall Image Quality – As an image reviewer you must evaluate the image quality. It is not only the properties and resolution of image; rather evaluate the accurate color display for high-resolutions images. Select those images whose quality is overall good.

#2: Technical Execution – A good image always technically execute. You have to judge the technical standards, trademark exceptions, detect fraud and copyright protected image.

#3: Commercial suitability – This is most important factor for photo evolution. Judge the photo from commercial viewpoint. Is it suitable for online selling or not? You have to take decision about it. Simply review images for suitability for commercial image catalog.

#4: Observance to the Shutterstock’s acceptance standards – Finally you have to observe the Shutterstock’s image acceptance standards. If image is comply with their standard then approve the image based on acceptance standards.

Working Hours and Payment at Shutterstock?

I have mentioned before that you have to work with high volume. And minimum working hour at Shutterstock 25 to 30 hours per week, In addition you have to work 5 to 8 on the weekend, but you can set the hours around your own schedule.

This is not disclosed by Shutterstock that how much they will pay for image review. But According to Shutterstock they pay for per image review. This mean More Review = More Money. Before applying at Shutterstock as Image reviewer please fill up their survey form.
  • http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1642507/Content-Pre-screening-Assessment
If you are confident enough then just become a contributor at shutterstock by visiting this Shutterstock Sign Up URL.

Earn Money from Shutterstock affiliate program

There is also a good opportunity for webmasters to earn money from Shutterstock. You don’t need to be a highly skilled photographer to earn money. Just become a Shutterstock affiliates and receive 20% commission of every sales.  This is pretty easy to earn. You can promote your affiliate URL through your Website and Blog, Email, Social media site etc.
  • http://affiliate.shutterstock.com/

Final Verdict

There are many people who are trying to earn money from home and for them Shutterstock seems like an ideal place to work and make money from home.  And this is very easy job for photographer, because they can earn extra money through online. But it isn’t easy to get chance to become an image reviewer. However if you are confident enough then send your application for assignment at Shutterstock. Best of Luck.

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Earn Money from Home as Image Reviewer for Shutterstock

Let me know how you have get approval from Shutterstock as image reviewer? How is your experience? Is is easy or tough? 
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