How to fix “Long title tags” in your Website for HTML Improvement?

How to remove warning message about Long title tags in Google Search Console? For HTML Improvement how should I write title tag?
HTML Improvement

You might struggle to improve your website HTML continuously. You are doing lots of thing for changing your site SEO to make best fir for search engine. But most of often practicing wrong SEO unintentionally. You are not aware how you are following wrong SEO in your site? And this can cost you more in near future.

I know you have heard about Long title tags issue in Google search console under HTML improvement tab. This issue arises when you failed to write your Blog post title properly. And after that this issue affects your site on search engine visibility.

Indeed Long title tags are not any error but this can play a vital role to get a chance to make position at the top of search engine result page.

What exactly Long title tags error?

This is quite simple Long title tags means you are writing your Blog post title with long characters. For example you can see the below images for my Blog’s title tags.

title tags in search engine

When I have written a title tag with more character then title become truncated with 3 ellipses, and also displaying three ellipses next to my Blog name for truncating on search engine. At the end the way they used to. This means Google is trying to algorithmically determine a better title for the post. And those posts will get more priority than long title tags posts. Google is truncating title tags based not only on number of characters, but also on the pixel width of your title tag. So this is looking odd, as well as search engine won’t display these kinds of Blog post title at the top of SERPs. And this problem arises for Long title tags. Below image showing a perfect title tags on search engine result page. 

perfect title tags

If you have published many posts with Long title tags then in search engine most of them will display without full title and truncate the title with ellipsis. And in long run this is bad for search engine optimization.

Where to Find Long title tags error?

This is a good question because this is not possible to see or check all URL in search engine to find out the Long title tags. But we can easily get details information about Long title tags from Google search console. If you are using Google search Console for your Blog then you can easily identify the issue.

Step 1 Go to Google Search Console and Log in there. Now enter into you Blog which one you want to see the report.

Step 2 From Search Console Dashboard click Search Appearance to expend and click HTML Improvements.

Step 3 Under HTML Improvements page locate Long title tagsYou will find it under Title tag section. 

Long title tags

Step 4 If your site has Long title tags issue or error then the Long title tags text will display with blue link and clickable. So click on Long title tags link and see all affected URL.

That’s it we have easily identified Long title tags affected Post titles in our Blog from Google search console. Now it’s time to solve the issue.

How to solve Long title tags issue?

This is pretty easy to solve the issue but if you have few posts in your website then you can easily solve the issue but if you have many posts then it will be harder for you to fix the issue.
Step 1 Detect your Blog posts URL which is having Long title tags from Google Search Console and click on it. You will redirect to your original post.

Step 2 Now Go to Blogger Dashboard, find and edit your post. And Change the Title lengths. Write the Title tag within 70 characters including space. And remove A, And, W characters if possible.

Step 3 Lastly click Update button to update the post.  For counting the character for Meta description you can use my Character Count tool.

In search engine result page we can see that they are showing title tags within 70 characters. So to sum up: the old rule of "70 characters or less" is perfect for SERPs and for HTML improvement. From my point of view write title tag from 55 – 70 characters including space for better search engine optimization. After updating the post just wait for Googlebot to visit your site. It depends on Google, because sometimes Google web crawler crawl some sites minute by minute and others site may crawl once in a week. It completely depends on your site popularity and content. 

After few days check Google search console and see Long title tags issue has gone from your site. I hope this article will help you to solve the Long title tags issue.
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