Check Blocked Resources Report and Unblock Resources from Google Search Console?

How to unblock your resources from Google Search Console?
Check Blocked Resources Report and Unblock Resources from Google Search Console?

Googlebot often visit our website and get information about our web resources such as Images, CSS, and JavaScript files. Googlebot work to make your web resources to make them pretty and functional. After that Googlebot helps to crawl your web resources in search engine. As a result visitors see the URL on search engine and visit your website and Blog.

But sometimes Googlebot can’t access to your web resources, as a result it can’t use them when it renders for search. Whenever Googlebot can’t use your webpage resources then it send a signal to Google search Console that your resources has blocked.

How to see Blocked Resources Report?

Do you want to know which part of your webpage is blocked by robot.txt directives? Then you must register with Google Search Console. Because after submitting and verifying your site with Google Search Console you would able to get access to details information about your site. To see Blocked resources report please visit the below steps-

Step 1 Please visit  and Log into Google Search Console.

Step 2 From Search Console Dashboard click Google Index to expend option and click Blocked Resources link.

Step 3 Now you will see the details report with graphical presentation about Blocked resources.

This is very simple to read the Blocked resources report. But this would be little confusing for first time. But I will explain how to read the report below.

How to read the Blocked resources report?

For demonstration purpose I have attached my Blocked Resources screenshots. This report is showing my website’s resources used Googlebot but that are blocked to Googlebot. Let me explain to simplify the report.

Blocked resources
  • The Blocked Resources report landing page shows list of hosts that provide resources on your site that are blocked by robots.txt rules. Here some blocked resources hosted on my own site, and some are hosted on other sites.
  • If you want to see the details then Click on any host in the table to see a list of blocked resources from that host, with a count of pages on your site affected by each blocked resource. In case of my Blog -            
  1. BloggerSpice has blocked 7 pages,
  2. Publicityclerks blocked 3 pages and
  3. Pinterest has blocked 1 page.                                                                    
  • Click on any blocked resource in the table for a list of your pages that load the resource. For example Purpose I have click on BloggerSpice that has blocked 7 pages of my Blog. And now we can see details which page resources are blocked.

How To unblock Resources from Google Search Console?

Whenever we see block resources then we should take action to unblock the resources. Otherwise our web traffic significantly affects, because Googlebot unable to get access to our webpage’s Images, CSS, and JavaScript files. For unblocking resources please follow the below steps-

Step 1 From Google Search Console Dashboard click Google Index to expend option and click Blocked Resources link.

Step 2 Click on blocked resources hosted on your own site e.g and enters into the Blocked URL. Alternatively you can navigate by clicking the appropriate link in the breadcrumb path that appears at the top of the page as you click deeper Blocked resources -> Blocking host -> Blocked resource name.

Step 3 Now click on any page in the table hosting a blocked resource for instructions on how to unblock that resource. After click on blocked URL a popup window will appear with 3 options.

fetch as google

Step 4 First click Fetch as Google button. And it will head to Google Fetch page. From there click Fetch and Render button and after that click Submit to Index button.

fetch as Google

Step 5 At this time return to unblocked resources popup window and from there click Verify host button. If your site is not verified then verify it by using any method or simply use Meta tag method for verifying the host.

Google site verification

Step 6 Finally updates the robots.txt file just click robotc.txt tester and test your robots.txt file. If you find any error on your robots.txt file then simply remove the error and submit the robots.txt file to Google again.

robots.txt tester

Step 7 After doing all steps successfully just click Done button.

It will take several days to see the changes on your Blocked resources page. So check it after few days. And you would see your blocked resources URL has unblocked. Because now Googlebot can access to your Images, CSS, JavaScript files. Hope this tutorial will help to improve your site SEO and unblock the resources.  
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