How to Submit Website to DMOZ (The Open Directory Project)?

How to register your website with DMOZ to submit and index in Google, AOL Search, AltVista, HotBot, Google, Lycos, Netscape Search?
Update: DMOZ has closed their service in March 2017, so please skip this article. You won't find DMOZ directory website in search engine.

There are not any alternatives of Directory submission to divert traffic and get search visibility. 

If you can submit your website in higher rank directory then your Website page rank and traffic will increase day by day. On the other hand you would get healthy backlink from directory for your website. 

Among many popular directories DMOZ is one of the best Open directories. Even Google and AOL search use website index data from DMOZ.

DMOZ directory submission

DMOZ is currently powers core directory services for many popular search engines including Google search Engine, AOL Search, Netscape Search, Lycos, HotBot and other many least popular search engines. 

But the DMOZ is not an automated directory, this directory edited by human who are working as volunteer editors.

So after submitting your site to DMOZ it can take several weeks to months to get index on their directory. 

However this is difficult to get index on DMOZ directory but if they index then this is good for your website’s credibility. In this article I will show you about submitting your site to DMOZ directory to get index.

Step 1 Visit and select appropriate category for submission.

dmoz Aol

Step 2 This is necessary to finding accurate category according to your site’s subject and nature. Otherwise they won’t index your site. So keep drilling through the category and sub-categories until you find appropriate one.

Step 3 After locating the appropriate category click suggest URL text link from the top.

DMOZ directory

Step 4 From URL submission page write your Site URL, Site Title, Site Description, Your Email address, and solve the user verification code. Finally click Submit button from the bottom of the page.

submit site on DMOZ

Step 5 DMOZ will now show Submission Received message. However it will take minimum 2 weeks to several months for your site to be listed on DMOZ directory.

submission success on DMOZ directory

DMOZ is a human edited site, and they have assigned editors for each category. So when editor will see your submission then will index it on the DMOZ directory.

That’s the guideline for indexing the website on DMOZ directory. 

After indexing in DMOZ directory your site will start appear on AOL Search, AltVista, HotBot, Google, Lycos, Netscape Search and in many more search engine. So there is great opportunity to get more traffic from new search engines. Regarding this if you have any query then feel free to write me. 
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