How to Verify Blog and Website on Pinterest?

How to Verify My Blogger and WordPress Site on Pinterest?
Pinterest site verification

Pinterest is rapid growing social media site and this is suitable for graphics hunger users. Those who love to see fancy large image with social sharing they must use Pinterest. However the most users of pinterest are women and this is a great chance to divert traffic from Pinterest by sharing attractive images.  However for rapid growing of your online business Pinterest plays an important role.

For growth of your Blog and website you must optimize your Pinterest profile. Remember that more optimize profile means more incoming traffic to your website from Pinterest. If you just create a Pinterest profile and share your content there then you may not get your desired traffic because your website is not verified on Pinterest profile. When I first verified my site with Pinterest then I have noticed that receiving some extra traffic from my new social media site regularly. So in this article I will show you about website verification process on Pinterest.

How to Generate Pinterest Verification code?

For verification a site first you have to generate a Verification code. And Pinterest generate unique verification code for every registered Pinterest account. For generating a verification code please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Pinterest account and Click your User name from top right corner of the screen.

Step 2 Now click on Gear icon and click Account settings option.

pinterest settings

Step 3 Next simply scroll down through account settings page and locate Website field under Profile section.

Step 4 After that write your website URL in blank field and Click on Confirm website button.

pinterest verification code

Step 5 Instantly a Popup window will appear on the screen and this will contain a single line Verification code. This is also known as Pinterest verification Meta tag.

This verification Meta tag needs to verify your Blog or website. So just copy the code but don’t close the popup window. Now I will show you how to verify your website with this Meta tag.

1. Verify your Blogger site on Pinterest

As a blogger platform user you might want to verify your site on Pinterest. And for verifying the site we need Pinterest Meta tag that we have already generated.

Step 1 Login to your Blogger Account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 From Blogger go to Template ->Edit HTML

Step 4 Locate opening <head> and paste the Pinterest META tag below <head> After that click Save template button.

Step 5 Next, Return to Pinterest verification popup window which is containing verification Meta tag and click Finish button.

Pinterest will automatically check the meta tag and confirm your site. You will see a success message for verification.

That’s it your site is now verified on Pinterest.

2. Verify WordPress site on Pinterest?

If you are a WordPress site owner then you can verify your WordPress easily. It just like Blogger site verification process.

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 From Dashboard click on ->Appearance->Editor

Step 3 Now locate header.php or Child Theme’s header.php file from the right column and header.php file will open in Editor

header.php in wordpress

Step 4 Now add the Pinterest verification Meta tag line just below <head> tag.

Step 5 Finally click Update File

Step 6 Next, Return to Pinterest verification popup window which is containing verification Meta tag and click Finish button. You will see a success message that you have successfully verified your WordPress site on Pinterest.

So it’s so easy to verify a Blog or website on Pinterest. If you are using any other Blogging platform then simply find the opening <head> tag and add the Pinterest verification code for your website verification. I hope you would now verify any site on Pinterest. 
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