How to See Live Traffic Data from Google Analytics?

How to see real-time traffic report from Google Analytics? After reading this article you will able to see your live traffic data and even you don’t have to use any third party traffic information tracker.
create Google Analytics account

Blog and Website owner always wants to see the visitor’s information frequently. Because by tracking traffic information a website owner able to understand about his/her website performance. As a result many webmaster use different third party widget which can be affect their website loading time. On the other hand, all third party tracker widget won’t able to track and display accurate information about the traffic info of website and Blog. So we must use a trustable website tracker widget.

If you are using Google Blogger then Blogger will automatically track your Blog traffic and display on Blogger Dashboard. But it doesn’t allow us to see live traffic source and information. So the solution is using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a strongest tool of Google which can give you 100% accurate information about your Blog traffic source and info. However to see your live traffic data Google Analytics is plays an important role for users.

see users location

How to Create a Google Analytics account and include website?

If you don’t have Google Analytics then you can sign up with Google Analytics by visiting below steps-

Step 1 Visit and Signup with your Gmail account

Step 2 Now login in with your Gmail account. Instantly you will be headed to Google Analytics Dashboard.

Step 3 Now from Google Analytics Dashboard Select the Admin tab.

Step 4 In the ACCOUNT column, select Create new account by using the dropdown menu.

Step 5 Click Web site and under the section called Setting up your Account, enter an Blog name or any Account Name.

Step 6 Under the section called Setting up your property, enter the Website Name. And Enter the Web Site URL.

Step 7 Now select an Industry Category. Also Select the Reporting Time Zone.

Step 8 Under the Data Sharing Settings section, select the settings you want. And finally click on Get Tracking ID.

That’s it you have successfully created and included your Blog or website on Google Analytics account. You can add Tracking ID on your Blog. 

How to See Real time Report in Google analytics?

Now it’s time to see live data of traffic. This will display how many visitors currently available on your site. Also display additional information about traffic source, countries, and referral sites to your account. Interests group, Geo locations etc.

Step 1 Login to your Google Analytics account by visiting URL and click on Reporting tab from top.

live data about traffic

Step 2 Now from left side under Dashboards click on Real-Time for exploring more options. And click on Overview. Now you will able to see number of active users on your site.

country wise traffic

Step 3 However you can also see specific report on Locations, Traffic sources, content, events and conversions. All of the reports will display live. For this reason reporting data will fluctuate.

device uses by active traffic

I hope this tutorial will help to see your Blog and website’s live data. You can take actions according to your website performance later. And you don’t have to use any third party widget.
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