What is Structured Data Markup and How to Test Blog Data?

What is Structured Data Markup and How to Test Blog Data? Promote Your Content with Structured Data Markup.
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Search engine love quality Blog with rich content. If you are trying to take your Blog next level then you must tailor your site according to search engine.  There are many search engines available over the net so which search engine we should follow? Simple answer is Google search engine. Because there are more than 70% traffic are coming from Google search engine. So we must comply with Google search engines structure.

What is Structured Data Markup and How to Test Blog Data?

Search engine is just like a machine and there are a Robot exists. So when we make any post then search robot get signal and that robot try to understand your content. In addition periodically search engine visit your site for detecting new content and understanding the existing content.

If search Robot don’t understand your content then they rarely crawl your site on search engine.  Now the question is how to understand that search engine understands our content? The simple answer is to scanning the site performance.

However alternatively we can make our site according to structured data that provide by Google. You can easily Promote Your Content with Structured Data Markup. Because Google search Robot only can understand blog or website’s content which has followed Structured Data Markup.

What is Structured Data Markup?

Structured data markup is a standard way to interpret your content thus search robot or machines can understand it. As a result, when your web and blog pages include structured data markup, Google search engine and also other search engines can use that data to index your content better. Not only index better way they can also present it more prominently in search results and surface. This will also work like charm while a search user make search query through voice answers, maps, and Google Now.

Benefits of Structured Data Markup

There are 2 benefits of Structured Data Markup, which will enable your content to eligible for two kinds of Google features. such as

Enhanced Presentation in Search Results

This will help to enhance your site’s search result with Rich Snippets, Breadcrumbs, or a Sitelinks Search Box.

Answers from the Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph features are available for authoritative data about organizations, events, movie reviews, and music/video play actions. If Google find that your site content is factual and very important then they include it in to their Knowledge Graph. And later they display your content to search users according to their search query they made.

How to make our site according to Structured Data?

For making your Blog site according to structured data and machine readable you must use schema.org markup. Because schema.org vocabulary can read and support by Google and other major search engines for structured data. Schema.org vocabulary can be embedded in HTML page. But to do this we have to use a special format. There are three formats available, such as –
  1. Microdata
  2. RDFa
  3. JSON-LD

However Google’s recommendation is to use JSON-LD, because this is simplest markup format which can easily annotate your content so machines can understand it.

How to test Structured Data Markup?

Almost all major search engines have own Structured Data Markup testing tools. However I use Google Structured Data Markup testing tools. This is very easy to use and most reliable over the net. To test your Blog or website please go through the below steps-

Step 1 Visit https://developers.google.com/structured-data/

structured data markup testing tools

Step 2 Now click on Fetch URL link from left side and write your Blog or website URL (e.g www.bloggerspice.com). After that click on FETCH & VALIDATE button.

structured data tested Blogger Spice

Step 3 Now check your Blog or website’s structured data on the right side. If everything is good then it will display all Green. Otherwise a red alert will be visible to indicate that your Blog’s content has problem.

Note that Google has announced today AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages in Search) Articles. So for this reason, you will see some error while test your structured data. After getting update from Google about this issue I will inform you.

I hope you will able to Promote Your Content with Structured Data Markup which will create a great impact on search engine. And you will able to divert traffic. Thank You.
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