How to set auto reply to your Facebook Initial Messages?

Learn how to set instant reply to quickly responds to initial messages on Facebook. Apply this trick and after receiving a message on Facebook page message writer will get auto reply.
enable instant reply on facebook

These days are getting really busy. As a Blogger we haven’t enough time to response to all the email instantly. Those who are part time Blogger like me they are also get little chance to sign in to their Blog all the time. However if we spend much time on our Blog then we are unable to give much time on our Blog’s social media site.

Almost all Blog sites having Facebook Fan page. There many visitors love to make comment or exchange thoughts. In addition many Blogger want to hide their identity and interact through social media site. Actually this is totally wrong Idea. However whenever I get time I make comments on other’s Blog. Now days a tendency has grown that as a Blogger if I make any comment on other Blog then my status will go down around the web. But remember that you won’t be able to grow until expend your readers circle.

Anyway, for solving the delay reply issue on social media site like Facebook, we have a great feature. This is called Instant replies to initial messages.

This feature work like charm, because whenever a new message sent by your Fan then a automatically reply will send through this facebook feature. But you have to write a message previously. You can activate this feature for any purpose. Suppose you are going in vacation and you aren’t able to reply to all message then you can set auto reply message and your Facebook fan will understand that you are on vacation now and unable to reply.

This feature will help to reduce misunderstanding. We make comments on various Facebook fan page for help. But if we don’t get any response within shortest period of time then we may unlike that page. So this is very useful for Blogger to maintain their social media site.   

How to set auto reply to your Facebook Initial Messages?

After knowing benefits of auto reply message now I will show you the procedure to set auto reply on your Blogger facebook fan page. Just go through the below steps-

Step 1 Visit and click Settings option from the top right corner.

Step 2 From Settings page click Messaging link from left side and locate Response Time.

auto reply setting

Step 3 There you will able to set the reply time. Suppose you want to reply within minutes or, within an hour then you can select option by clicking on radio button. But if you are uncertain about sign in to your Facebook fan page and make reply to the messages then simply select Automatically show your average response time for messages (recommended). After selecting this option page Fan will see how long you take to reply a message, because this feature will display average reply time in your Blog’s facebook fan page.

instant reply on Facebook

Step 3 After that scroll down and locate Instant Replies. And click on check box where written Enable Instant Replies to quickly respond to initial messages.

Step 4 Now reply message Box will activate. Simply write down your short message within 250 characters and finally click Save Reply button.

auto reply message

Now whenever any Fan will send you message then they will see that instant reply. And later you can reply according to the message. I think this feature will help you to manage your Blog fan page more professional way. 
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