How to Earn Money by sharing and Selling Videos on DailyMotion?

Know How to earn money from Dailymotion by monetizing your website and videos. After uploading and sharing videos you can earn money. In addition you can sell videos through dailymotion site. Banned from YouTube!! don’t worries try Dailymotion and earn money.
complete guide to dailymotion monetization

Have your channels taken down, flagged, terminated by YouTube then don’t worry the alternative is Dailymotion. This is a largest video sharing site whose name will come first after YouTube. There are over 128 million visitors visiting Dailymotion for videos. This is definitely a biggest video platform over the net. In addition, Dailymotion is a popular French company which has strong brand image in European countries.

This is not just uploading and sharing videos in Dailymotion but they offer their partners incentives. You can easily monetize your videos on Dailymotion and even in website also. And you can easily Embed and export any video from Dailymotion.

This is not clear that how much Dailymotion pay for views on your videos. But according to forum feedback then pay $0.001 for every ads play by client. Comparatively in YouTube they share revenue 51% and their lowest pay is $0.01. So ultimately Dailymotion sharing lowest portion of their revenue but if YouTube has banned your channel or you want to earn extra money beside of Your YouTube channel then Dailymotion is suitable for you.

How to Register With Dailymotion?

Before uploading and sharing videos on Dailymotion you must register with them. Because by registering you will able to add your details for further contact from Dailymotion.

Step 1 Visit and click Sign Up/Sign In button from top right corner.

create dailymotion account

Step 2 Now a popup window will appear. Write your email address there and select I want to create an account and press on Next button.

Step 3 Write your Password and confirm password, Customize your channel link and solve the CAPTCHA. Now just hit the Create button for instantly account creation.

create dailymotion channel

That’s it you have successfully create your Dailymotion account. Now it’s time to enable monetization on your account.

How to enable Monetization on my Dailymotion account?

This is very easy to enable monetization feature on your Dailymotion account. Because without monetization you won’t able to earn money.

Step 1 Log in to your Dailymotion account and click settings under your channel name.

Step 2 From settings page click Enable Monetization button for activating the feature.

enable dailymotion onetization

Step 3 A popup window will appear for Enable monetization and become a partner with Dailymotion.  Put tick on check box for agreeing with Dailymotion Partner Terms & Conditions. Finally Click I Agree button from the bottom of the window.

Congratulation now your Dailymotion channel will be ready for Monetization. And it will display a green signal. Next step you have to set your payments.

How to set payment on Dailymotion account?

You can get payment through Bank transfer, PayPal and in Payoneer debit MasterCard.

Step 1 Log in to your Dailymotion account and click settings under your channel name.

Step 2 From left vertical menu locate Account and there click on Banking info. Now select any option e.g. Bank transfer, PayPal and in Payoneer debit MasterCard and provide relevant information. In case of Bank Transfer you must provide your current Bank account details.

payment method
That’s it now your payment receiving medium is set. After that, upload some videos to your Dailymotion channel. But remember that don’t upload any copyright protected videos.

How to Monetize Video on Dailymotion?

Video monetization will be automatically activated but you will get option after uploading each videos. While you upload a video then go to Monetization tab and put tick on Serve ads on this video. And advertise will start display on your videos. Your income will generate on the basis of views.

How to sell video on Dailymotion?

Though you can serve ads on your uploaded videos but also you can sell your video. You have to activate this feature when you upload a video which can be found in Monetization tab. Just edit your any video and go to Monetization option and put tick on Sell this video. You can set price or choose default price of Dailymotion which is €0.49. In addition you can set the price for certain period of time like 48 hours or more. You have to set it. And finally click Save button.

sell this video on dailymotion

However if you set the video for sell then advertisement won’t appear on your video.

How to monetize my website with Dailymotion?

If your site has good number of visitors then you can monetize your website and Blog with Dailymotion. However for monetizing website you must verify your site first.  For verifying your site you have to add a Meta tag below opening head.

Step 1 Log in to your Dailymotion account and click settings under your channel name.

Step 2 Now scroll down and select Website Monetization option.

website monetization

Step 3 Locate Embed and click Verify your sites link. Now click on Add a site button for add your site. After writing the your site URL click on Next button and choose any verification option such as, HTML File, Meta tag, TXT Record, CNAME Record. Though Meta tag is very easy to use so use Meta tag for site verification.

verify domain

After verifying your site now place your video embedded code in your Blog post. This is start earn money.

How to Embed videos from Dailymotion into Blogger?

This is little tricky to get the embed code for your video from Dailymotion. I will show you how to do that? Just follow the below stesp-

Step 1 Open your any video in web browser. e.g.

Step 2 Now locate Export tab from the below of video frame. Click Export and copy the embedded video code.

embed code

Step 3 You can now use it in your Blogger template or Blog Post. While creating a post switch to HTML view and paste the embedded video code after that switch to Compose mode and publish the video.

That’s all about Creating, Uploading, Monetizing Video and Website for Dailymotion. Though this is bit hard to make money only by sharing videos, but you can earn up to $500 per month if you get big chunk of visitors on your Dailymotion channel. The alternative way for rapid money earning is to sell videos through your Dailymotion channel. 
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