How To Use DSLR Camera Professionally for Blog Photography?

Learn how to confidently use DSLR camera to improve your Blogging photography. Get the best tips and tutorials for using DSLR camera for your Blog photography. Understanding your camera settings is the first step to being a better photographer.
DSLR photography for Blog

For the time being Blogging style and system has swiftly changed. Formerly we use low resolution and hazy pictures for our Blog. And most of the cases viewers don’t feel interest to see Blog post image. Even 90% Blogger use images from search engine and they weren’t aware about Image copyright policy. As a result just picking up image from search engine and use it in various Blog post. But for the growing trend about Blogging now everything has changes.

Formerly most of the Blog were run by one person but now most of the popular Blogs are running by expert team. Similarly in photography those who care about copyright they take snap by personal Smartphone and use it in their Blog. After releasing DSLR camera now Blog photography has got completely a new shape. Today people are hiring expert photographer to have gorgeous image for their Blog. Special this is applying to maintaining high quality photography on photo Blog, Apparel and Fashion Blog.

What about Small Blog publisher? As a small Blog publisher we aren’t capable to hire professional photographer. But we can take snap for our own Blog by using our DSLR camera. I think most of the professional Blogger now owns a DSLR camera for personal user, so why don’t we use it for our Blog photography?

However when we first buy a DSLR then most of us think that just by clicking on button we are capturing high quality image. But this is completely wrong idea. Because every DSLR built with specific and unique features that varies according to camera model and price. So we should know some tricks about DSLR camera thus we can take good quality picture for our Blog.

This tutorial has written with Beginner's Guide to Using a DSLR for Blog Photography. In visual world everything is getting priority on the basis of high quality images. So we can make our DSLR camera to brought super fine impact on our Blog images. Read through to check 'em out!
Having a DSLR camera will not make you a photographer. However we can use different effects from our camera setting option right way to bring some variation in Blog photography. Just follow the beginner’s guide to help you get started:

How DSLR Cameras Work?

A DSLR camera work through 3 simple steps. Those are as follows-


You might see on camera feature that The Aperture word used frequently. But what exactly is Aperture? The Aperture refers to the diameter of the hole inside the lens. So if you change the Aperture of camera lens then size of the lens hole will change. This will greatly affect on depth of field of your picture.

In camera Aperture can be identified by wide and narrow. Wide Aperture ration is f/1.4 and Narrow Aperture contains f/22.  So in wide Aperture you will get lighter and in opposition narrow Aperture will get less light.


But interesting fact is that in terms of Dept of field, shallow side effect will capture blurry background and in deep depth of field you will get sharp background.

When you are shooting in low light then widen your aperture to get more light into your camera lens. However in case of Landscapes image use narrower aperture, this will help you to focus on whole scene.


Camera Shutter also brings different impact on captured images. And Shutter is varies by speed. Slow shutter means more light and captures motion. But in fast shutter able to capture less light and freezes motion. Shutter speed value can be set between 1 to 1/1000.


The main function of sensor is capturing light and this is controlling by ISO. So if you set more ISO then your camera sensor will be more sensitive. However this is not good for Blog photography because more ISO will capture more digital noise. ISO value can be set between 100 to 6400. So set less ISO which will make your camera sensor less sensitive and capture less noise.

So you must know about these 3 things on your DSLR camera. But these 3 are elements of a camera.

Understanding Exposure

There are more things we should know about DSLR camera for best Blog photography. I have already discussed about Aperture, shutter speed and ISO and the combination of these 3 elements create exposure. Exposure is huge things which can’t be explained in single tutorial. However I will share something about basic exposure.

camera exposure

DSLR alone hasn’t any ability to bring variation in your photo by itself. But when you learn about exposure then you will see the magic of DSLR camera. In a DSLR, users have full control to play around with the values of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and with the combination of those 3 you can take awesome picture for your Blog.

DSLR Camera Shooting Modes

There are several shooting modes you will find in camera such as –
  • Full-Auto
  • Program
  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Speed Priority
  • Manual Mode
I think you become confused that how all modes work? And which one is best for photography? There is a biggest misconception about which mode to use for photography? Because most of us use Auto mode all the time while taking a picture. As a result we see not all final images are not same.

You have to use different shooting modes on the basis of conditions. So when you will able to know about all modes then you can use each mode on various environments.

As a beginner first take same picture in all modes and see how differently you are getting final image? And use the best one for your Blog Post.

White Balance

You may found an option in your Camera that white balance. Most of us use this feature for making picture bright. But this is wrong idea. Because white balance will help to change the color cast of the entire photo and this will make your photo cold to warm. In addition it can determine whether your photo appears sapphire or orange.

white balance

The Ninety Fifty for best image capture

You may not understand that what is Ninety Fifty? But I am sure that you have seen some picture whose background is blue and it focused area is sharp and clear. This system is called Ninety Fifty. You can capture these kinds of image by all DSLR cameras. For Ninety Fifty setting set your camera to 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. This can take your desired photo which will now frequently using on professional photography and popular Blog. Another setting you may try ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/350 s.

ninety fifty image capture

Best Image format to Save on Camera Memory

Image formats plays important rule to bring variation on captured pictures. There are various image format can be set on your DSLR camera. Such as Raw, JPEG, and PNG etc. but for getting base image quality you can set the image format as Raw. And later you can use any photo editing software to take it in different image format. 

You will see some difference in image formats because when a Raw format image save on camera memory then it will take 6MP to 15MP but if you set JPEG then the image will be compressed and image property will be 1MP to 3 MP. From my point of view capture image in RAW format and convert it in PNG format. Because is best for high quality image with low image property. In my Blog I use PNG format image for higher quality image.

In conclusion we can sum up that just by learning theory or articles you won’t be able to become a professional photographer within one night. But we all know that practice make a man perfect. So capture image as much as possible and identify the differences. This is not only for your Blog but also for your personal fun and interest. So shot amazing moment with your DSLR and make it memorable. What are your biggest challenges while using your DSLR camera? You can share with us. Happy Blogging!!!
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