How To Enable HTTPS To Secure your Blogger Blog?

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Google Blogger is a great platform for creating any kinds of blog. It is serving their all products free of cost. But there are biggest security issues in Google Blogger platform because BlogSpot is not secured for commercial use. 

If you see WordPress CMS is more secured than Blogger BlogSpot. Through Blogger is more flexible than any other platform but people don’t build their commercial site on this platform, because only for security option. 

For example: 

In Blog based eCommerce site if you go for payment then your Debit or Credit card may be hacked easily. As a result commercial site don’t rely on BlogSpot.

blogger security

However Google is working since 2008 to encrypt the connections between users and Google servers. Though they have successfully encrypted Search, Gmail, Drive, and many other products but finally they have rollout of HTTPS support for serving encrypted connection in their BlogSpot. Though Google serve their Blog on own hosted server as a result now it become more secured by adding an extra secured layer on their security.

What is HTTPS?

The term HTTPS is new for BlogSpot but this is well known for other platform.  HTTPS full explanation is Hypertext Transfer Protocol and this is a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security or its predecessor, In addition this is a Secure Sockets Layer which protects the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

Benefits of Using HTTPS

HTTPS is more secured and it has some significant benefits for users such as-
  • HTTPS makes the Internet security harder for bad actors to steal any information or track the activities of blog authors and visitors.
  • Visitors are now able to open the correct website and if they enter into a site and after landing there it won’t be redirect to other malicious location.
  • If a bad actor tries to change any data sent from Blogger to a blog visitor then HTTPS helps to detect it instantly.

How To Enable HTTPS Support in Blogger BlogSpot?

Now you might be interested to enable HTTPS on your Google hosted Blog. But there are good news that if you are using Google hosted Blog without any custom Domain then you would able to enable HTTPS easily. However if you are using Google hosted site with custom domain then you won’t able to use HTTPS security support. But don’t worry Google is working and rollout soon. Now let’s see how to enable HTTPS Support on Blogger Blog Spot? Just read and learn-

Step #1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step #2: Click on Now click on -> Template -> Settings->

Step #3:
 Now from the Basic tab find HTTPS settings  

HTTPS for security

Step #4: Now simply change the option No to Yes under HTTPS availability.  

if you are using custom Domain then you would see this option is disabled. You can only able to change on Google hosted domain

Step #5: After changing HTTPS settings you will see a warning from Google that HTTPS will not be available for blogs with a custom domain.

HTTPS settings

After following the right steps your Blog is now encrypted with high security which will allow you to do a commercial website, eCommerce or blog.

blogger with HTTPS

If you see the then you would see blogger is now turned into HTTPS, which means Blogger is now more secured and stronger than before. There are many hosting provider serve HTTPS service with extra charge but Google is giving this service free of cost. I hope Google will start this feature for custom domain also very soon. 
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