Best PayPal alternative Payoneer: How to start with it?

Payoneer Payment Solutions for Freelancers. How to Open an Account and Use Payoneer to Receive Payments. Earn $25 Instantly by signing up in Payoneer.
Best PayPal alternative Payoneer: How to start with it?

It goes without saying that most of the Blogger are having same problem while they try to make or receive payment through online. This is also a biggest problem where PayPal is not supporting. There are many countries where you can’t use PayPal. But alternatively you will able to use different payment system. However most of the cases bigger organization doesn’t accept payment from other payment gateway. But still we have chance to use a most reliable payment gateway which is known as Payoneer. Because you can make payment through this payment gateway on various company.

Why Payoneer?

You can say why to use Payoneer? Simply we can say Payoneer works like 2 in 1. Because after registering with Payoneer you can pay through online as well as you can use their master card for drawing money from nearest ATM booth. By using Payoneer you will able to send payments to your beneficiaries in 200+ countries and it supports 150+ currencies through a variety of flexible payment methods. Freelancer can receive payment through Payoneer. And Blog owner also receive payment from their various affiliated program through Payoneer.

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How to earn $25 instantly?

This is time to earn $25 now. This is very simple to earn $25 now. Because Payoneer has given an opportunity for earn $25 instantly. And this can be possible, if you go through our referral link. But if you directly join on Payoneer then your balance will be zero. So for earn money instantly just go through below link and register with Payoneer.

Sign Up and Get $25 Now


Step 1 Go to Payoneer site and click on Sign-Up Now.

Step 2 Provide the all accurate information such as, First Name and Last Name, Contact Address, Contact number, E-mail address. Just fill up the form and proceed to the next page by clicking on NEXT button.

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Step 3 Payoneer will approve your account and they will send a Prepaid Master Card within 30-40 days.

Step 4 After receiving your Prepaid Master Card you have to write Card number on your Payoneer online account as well as you have to choose 4 digit Pin number.

Step 5 Now you have to go for US Payment Service which will be automatically activated with your Prepaid Master Card. But in case of some account it requires some question answers.

Step 6 After approval from US Payment Service you will get Routing Number and Account
number (Those number will require for PayPal account verification)

How to get MasterCard?

After registering with Payoneer if you apply for MasterCard for international payment then they will deliver their International MasterCard to your door step. It will take minimum 30-40 days to arrive MasterCard. In my case I have received the card within 35 days after applying for MasterCard. This card is a prepaid master Card so before using this card you must recharge. And by the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card will transform the way you make payouts. You can also use this Payoneer prepaid master card in more than 200 countries.

After toping up money on your master card fund will be available within 2 hours! Once funds are available, payees can make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide - wherever MasterCard is accepted!

Benefits of transferring funds with the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® Card

There are many benefits of transferring fund through Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. If you compare Payoneer MasterCard with other companies MasterCard then you will understand. Using Payoneer is very flexible and low cost in payout. Beside of this there are some other benefits of using Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard.

  • Low cost payouts – You can payout the funds within shortest period of time and they will charge very small amount of money while you transfer the funds.
  • Global coverage - Payoneer supported in more than 200 countries, multiple currencies, with no bank account required.
  • Safe and secure – In most of the cases if you make payment through MasterCard then hacker can be hack your card or charge extra fund from your account. But Payoneer prepaid card cannot be used without funds available, as a result there has not any overdraft facility and fees as well.
  • Quick – After deposit of fund by yourself and by payees then you have access to cash in hand within 2 hours.
  • Fully supported – Because Payoneer provide multi-lingual customer support to your payees, that can saves you time and money.

Payoneer Payment Solutions for Freelancers

In most of the Asian county have huge freelancers, those who are working over the net on various freelancer website such as, freelancer, fiverr, Elance, Net-Translators, welocalizeQ. Payoneer has brought payment solution for them. If you are a translator, copywriter, app or mobile developer, graphic or web designer or any other freelancer, Payoneer is your solution to receiving funds through reliable, low-cost solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.



In conclusion we can say Payoneer is undoubtedly good for Asian countries where PayPal is not working. And we can use Payoneer as a best alternative of PayPal.  However just applying for Payoneer MasterCard we can be a proud owner of an International MasterCard which is impossible to get from a local Bank. 

Best PayPal alternative Payoneer: How to start with it?
Best PayPal alternative Payoneer: How to start with it?
If you are a Blog owner then you will able to receive payment from various ad networks like Infolinks, RevenueHits etc. So Payoneer has solved our problem by expending their services. If you need more help for registering with Payoneer then feel free to leave a comment below. 
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