Remove Outdated Content Link from Search Results and Cache

Remove Outdated Content Link from Search Results and Cache
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While blogging we create many content and publish posts regularly. Sometimes we delete post due to error and outdated. Sometimes we publish post about SEO and after SEO rules change we delete the content from our Blog. Beside of this sometime I found a problem that after publishing the post only one post showing in my blog homepage and other post are showing on next page. So I delete that post and publish again for solving this issue. But after deleting Blog link Blogger won't notice that delete link still available on Google Search engine and cache. So visitors maybe find this link on search engine and if they click on that link then in your Blog it will display 404 error page with page not found message. And instantly Google count this link as crawl error. And a notification will send in Google Webmaster tools account under crawl error section. So for avoiding this kinds of problem you have to remove the link from Google search result and cache page thus new visitors can't click on deleted content or post link.

For remove Links from Google search Results and Cache I will use Google link removal tools. In this tutorial I will show you the way to remove link that will help you to reduce crawl error.  

Step 1 Go to Log in to your Google Account

Step 2 Now it will redirect you in Remove outdated content page. And there in the Enter URL of outdated content.  And click on REQUEST REMOVAL red button.

outdated content

Step 3 After that Analyzing URL window will open. From there click on Request Removal blue button.

URL analyzer

Step 4 You will see the link removal request status is pending. It will take certain period of time to remove the link from Google search result and cache. But after removing from search result Status will be show as Removed.

Remove Outdated Content Link from Search Results and Cache

However if you think you just made a mistake and wrong link removed accidentally then you can click on reinclude text link. So Google will re include your link on their search engine.

That's it  you have successfully remove the link from Google search result and Cache. But Googlebot will visit your Blog within shortest period of time. If they don't find the deleted link on your Blog then Google won't index it next time. This is very easy to remove link and now you will be able to do it by yourself. Thank you.

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  1. This post is invaluable. When can I find out more?
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