Verifying Domain Ownership by TXT Record from Webmaster Central

Verifying Domain Ownership by TXT Record from Webmaster Central
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Domain ownership can be verified different  way. I have already discussed about Meta tag verification which is easiest way to verification. But we should know alternative method of verification. So another easiest way for domain ownership verification through TXT record. In this process you don't have to add any  meta code or script on your Blogger template. Just you have to work on Google Webmaster Tools and your Domain Control panel. And I will do this from Webmaster Central. For your better understanding kindly follow the below steps-

Step 1  Go to and sign in to your Blogger Account.

Step 2 You can click on ADD A SITE red color button to add new domain that is not listed on webmaster central. If you have multiple Blog and already listed on Webmaster central then you will see the list of verified and Unverified Blog. So Select the Blog from list that you want to verify. You will see a link message Verify this site so click on there.

add a site

Step 3 You will be redirected to Google's recommended  HTML tag verification method page. But click on Alternative methods tab and select Domain name provider by clicking on radio button.


Step 4 under Domain name provider you will find a Drop down option with domain name seller list. Google included here most popular Domain name provider list but if you didn't find your Domain name provider name the simply select Other from the end of drop down option. Now it will display code for your TXT record.  

domain name provider

Step 5 Now copy the code and open new page but don't close it.

Step 6 Now go to your Domain name provider site and log in to Domain Control Panel. After that select your Domain.

Step 7 From DNS Management Click on -> Manage DNS. Now it will enter into your DNS Records.

add TXT record

Step 8 From there select TXT Record and click on Add TXT Record button. In the Value field Paste the copied TXT code that you have already got in Webmaster Tools. After that simply click on Add Record Button. That's it your TXT Record will be Active instantly.

TXT records

Step 9 Now get back to the Webmaster Central page where you have got TXT verification code. And simply Click on VERIFY red color button.  


Now Google will Prompts to detect TXT record from your Domain Control panel. After detecting it will display the success message. 

verification successful

That's all, you domain ownership is now verified by using TXT records. And instantly you will get access into the Google Webmaster tools and its applications. I think this verification procedure is more easy and your domain will work smoothly after verification. Thank you. 
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