Add Featured Image or Post Thumbnails in WordPress

Add Featured Image or Post Thumbnails in WordPress

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featured image

New WordPress user might be face in problem in adding Post thumbnail or featured image. Because If you use Google blogger platform then you would see the Blogger template automatically pick first image as post thumbnail. But in WordPress this is little different. If you just publish your post without setting featured image then you won't able to see any thumbnail image on your WordPress site's home page. So for showing Post thumbnail you must add featured image.

A new WordPress use always face trouble to see the post thumbnail. Though this is basic but useful for newbie. In this tutorial I will show you how to set featured Image on WordPress Blog.

Step 1 Sign in to your WordPress account and from Dashboard Click on Posts-> Add New

Step 2 Now from the post editor locate right site of the panel and see Featured Image Box.

select featured image

Step 3 From Featured Image Box click on Set featured image text link. A popup Image uploader will appear.

upload file

Step 4 From there click on Upload Files tab -> Select Files And locate the Image file from your hard drive. WordPress will automatically upload the file.

upload featured image

Step 5 Now locate the right side of the window and see that uploaded Image thumbnail appeared. And from there click on Set featured image button.

set featured image

Step 6 Now locate right site of the panel and see Featured Image Box with recently added featured image. And Publish your post.

wordpress thumbnail

Now  see your WordPress Blog. That your post thumbnail or featured image is showing on WordPress home page. I hope now you can easily add post thumbnail on WordPress Blog. However featured post image won't display on post body. So if you wish you can add the same image on Post body. So visitors will able to see the post thumbnail after entering into the post. But if you think you don't need any duplicate image then just upload the image and set it in featured post section on WordPress Blog. Thank you. 

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