How to Encode AdSense Ad code for Using inside Blog Post?

How to Encode AdSense Ad code for Using inside Blog Post
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AdSense users have seen that it can be use in Blogger Header, sidebar, Footer. For displaying the ads either they have to use AdSense gadget or have to place ad script manually in HTML/JavaScript gadget.  But if you want to add AdSense code inside Blog post body then just adding code won’t be able to display ads. Because AdSense code should be encode for efficient transmission to display. But what is encoding that should know first?

Encoding is the process of putting a sequence of characters like letters, numbers, punctuation and certain symbols into compatible format for better transmission.


So while we bring AdSense ad code then this is included some letters, numbers and punctuation's. And for adding those in Blogger template’s post body we must encode the ad script first after that we will able to use them and thus Ad’s code don't cause problem to other template script.

For encoding AdSense ad script we must use an Encoder tools. HTML Encoder is a simple online tool for HTML processing. It replaces reserved HTML characters from the given code into their HTML equivalents (entities). Luckily BloggerSpice site has its own encoding tools and you can easily encode your AdSense ads script here.

Just Follow the below steps for Encoding a AdSense script-

Step 1 Get Ads code from your AdSense account and copy that.

Step 2 Now visit our HTML Encoder Tool page from below link

Step 3 And Paste the Ad script in text area. After that, click on Convert button.

adsense code

Step 4 Instantly AdSense ad code will be Encode and it is now ready for use. Just copy the Encoded Ad script for further use.

encoded code

This is really easy for encoding ads code. Now place the ad script inside Blogger templates. Generally for better ad performance you can place encoded Adsense script below Post title of end of the post. 
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