How to Use Blogger Post Template in Blog Post?

Save time creating blog posts with these custom post templates? How to use Blogger Post templates in Blog Posts? How to Create and Customize Blogger Post Template?
We have already heard about Blogger template but what about Post templates? 

Post templates is a pre-formatting the post editor that will help to save your time while posting on Blogger. There are many Blog user use this kinds of post template. For example you have a Phone specification site and use table for representing data in this case you can set the table code in Blogger and whenever create a new post then automatically table will be visible in your Blog post editor. 

In this case just you have to edit the table information, nothing else or any coding. Some users like their posts to be formatted in a certain way. 

Some news Blog use first letter larger with different colors, so if they create a pre-formated then it will automatically generate while writing new article or news.

Blog Post Templates For Marketers to Create the Best Content

So please follow the tutorial for pre formatting to use Post templates.

Step #1: Sign in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step #2: Now Under ->Settings tab ->Posts and comments

add template

Step #3: And locate Post Template and click on Add text link. Formatting field will expend.

add code

Step #4: Now simply add any pre-formatted code like table code or blockquote etc. For example purpose I have added a phone specification table code.

Step #5: Finally click on orange color Save template button from top right corner of the screen.

Step #6: After that just click on New post button from Blogger dashboard and see your table or pre formatted code has appeared.

table added

That’s all about Post template. I hope this will help you to save your time while creating new post. However it will take little time to create a format first after then this will be very easy. 

If you have any query about this tutorial then feels free to leave a comment below. Or if you have any suggestion then you can share with us. 
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