How to Organize the WordPress Dashboard or Admin Area?

How to Organize the WordPress Dashboard or Admin Area

For managing and organizing a site we must use Dashboard. Because you will see all the controlling elements at the backend of any site. In WordPress Dashboard we do everything like Template uploading, Editing, post writing, Plugins Installing etc. So this means dashboard is main controlling area of any Blog. In this tutorial we will learn to arrangement and configuration of WordPress dashboard or Admin area. Ok just go through the below guidelines.

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard. Please see carefully the WordPress Dashboard that it is the set of gadgets where a user will get all information at a time. A WordPress user don't have to use any navigation to watch everything. You will able to see New comments, WordPress news, activity etc.

Step 2 First Click on  ->Screen Options from the top side of WordPress Dashboard. It will expand a panel that will allow you to check and uncheck the different information blocks such as At a Glance, Activity, Right Now in Forum, WordPress News etc. that you want to see/hide. Those all are gadgets that will display on WordPress Dashboard.  

screen options

Step 3 Now Mouse over on any gadget and Drag it by mouse pointer. You can place it different area of dashboard. To rearrange the gadget boxes, drag and drop system work best. Just by clicking on the title bar of the selected box and releasing when you see a gray dotted-line rectangle appear in the location you want to place the box.


Step 4 WordPress use can control gadget box. Just click on the title bar of the box to expand or collapse it. In addition, there are some boxes that have configurable content and this will show a “Configure” link in the title bar after mouse over on it.

box control

Step 5 In WordPress dashboard you can Collapse and expand menu. Just go to at the bottom of the left side menu and click on Collapse Menu link for collapsing as well as again click on collapse arrow for expending the Menu.

wordpress menu

That's all about arranging WordPress dashboard. You can easily customize the dashboard by hiding unnecessary gadget. Hope this tutorial will help you to learn better way. Thank you.
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