How to Add Third Party Widgets or Gadget in Blogger?

Add Third Party Functionality or Gadget code in Blogger

Blogger is a very user-friendly platform for all kinds of user.  Beginners to advance user can feel comfort by using this platform.  Because of the highly modifiable platform, Blogger becomes popular. As a result many Blog designer and developer creating new gadget which is also known as third party gadget, such as Recent Post, Recent Comments widget, Random Post widget. 

But those gadgets are neither developed by Google Blogger officially and not included in the Blogger gadget list. However, any user can able to include their gadget in the Blogger gadget list by adding their personal developed gadget.

So this tutorial I have written only for beginners'. 

If you are an advanced user of Blog then this tutorial is not for you. But still, there are zillions or newbie facing trouble for adding third party gadget to their Blog. Note that any kinds of the gadget should be added to the Layout section from the back-end of the Blogger dashboard. So please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Go to your Layout tab. You will see the complete Layout of your Blogger Template.

Add a Gadget

Step 3 Click on "Add a Gadget" then under Basics tab select "HTML/JavaScript" Widget.


Step 4 Now paste the third party gadget code into the Content field "HTML/JavaScript" Gadget. Optionally you can write Gadget Title in Title field.

configure widget

Step 5 Now hit the Save button.

Repositioning The Gadget by Drag and Drop

You can move your newly added gadget by dragging it with the mouse pointer. Just click on the gadget and hold the mouse pointer and move to the left, right or top and bottom site in Blogger Layout and drop it where you want to place it. Don't worry your widget code won't remove. You don't have to add a third-party gadget code after re-positioning.

drag and drop

That's it. You have successfully added a third party gadget in Blogger template. This is very simple to include third party gadget in Blogger template. 


Add a Gadget option varies from template to template.  So we have to look into it carefully. But we can add multiple Gadget under a single gadget container. I will show you this tutorial later. Though this tutorial is for new users only so please ignore this if you are an advanced use of Google Blogger Platform.

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  1. Unknown
    স্যার ভালো আছেন ।
    আমি একটা SEO জানতে চাইঃ › WordPress › Support › Themes and Templates

    এখানে › টা আনবো কিভাবে ?
    আমি Google আপনার পোস্ট Search দিলে ও আমি এটা দেখতে পাই।
    এটা আমি আমার ব্লগে করবো কিভাবে?
    • BloggerSpice
      Ata Breadcrumb add kora thakle dekhabe. Nicer tutorial follow korle Breadcrumb add kora jabe.
  2. চাঁদপুর প্রতিদিন
    আমাকে একটা পরামর্শ দিলে উপকুত হতাম। কিভাবে ব্লগার টেমপ্লেট ডিজাইন শুরু করবো। আমি শুধু মাত্র জাভাস্কিপ্ট ছাড়া ব্লগার টেমপ্লেট ডিজাইন করা সম্ভব কি?
    • BloggerSpice
      Template design ar main base JavaScript. Apni jodi template a variation ante chan then CSS must apply korte hobe. Karon ekta JavaScript ke CSS diye 100+ design kora jay.

      Thirdly apnake Ajax JSON sikhte hobe but aaita optional. but advance feature add korar jonno lage, but apatoto CSS and HTML diye try koren. Age base structure banate hobe pore CSS diye modify korben.
  3. Calling All Glamour Girls....
    Where can I get or find the third party gadgets?
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Calling All Glamous Girls, You will get plenty of widget from below URL

      Here third party gadget means gadget developed and released unofficially.

      Thank you. :)
  4. sultanabegum
    I have successfully added a link from Amazon Associates, but when I tried view blog I could not view the added gadgets, when I clicked on eye shape icon it gave the message currently visible to hide this gadget go to theme>customize >gadgets please advice, your help will be appreciated
    • BloggerSpice
      Hi Sultana :re
      Have you got Amazon Associates approval or not. Please check it first. If you are facing this issue then place the add script into the Blogger Post body.

      Edit a Blog post and switch to "HTML" View from "compose" view and place the ad script. Now publish your article. If you can see the ad is displaying then everything is OK. And ad will must display on Gadget also.

      If ad is not displaying then you have problem in your Amazon Associates account.
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