How to use HTML 5 Icons in Blogger Post?

How to use HTML 5 Icons in Blogger Post?
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HTML 5 is well-known to Blogger that brought most rapid revolutionary changes in HTML. Web developer creating stunning design by using HTML 5. So we should get in touch with HTML 5 by knowing about this coding language. In this tutorial I will share with you a trick that how we can apply HTML 5 iconic image by adding code.

Recently Blog designer Font Awesome is using massively for adding Icon in Blog or website. But I Have seen that if we use many icons at a time then it will take time to load. But in case of HTML 5 icon it won't take time to load. As well as it will look beautiful.

However the problem of HTML 5 icon is that all icons only support Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 35 Version. And rest of the browsers are not able to display all icons properly. After adding the iconic code if you check in non supported browser then you would see a square box instead of icons. For this reason I am sharing only those icons code is supported by almost all major browsers.

Please see the below table for HTML 5 icons code and output. We can use Decimal and Hexadecimal code for showing icons as well as some can be used some entity instead of decimal and Hexadecimal come.    

How to add the icons in Blogger Blog Post?

In Blogger template and Blog Post we can use this icons easily. just we have to add the icons code. Please follow the below steps for adding the HTML 5 icons. For example I will add Decimal, Hexadecimal Code and entity for BLACK SPADE icons and its result in Blog Post. Fortunately Decimal code and entity work in Blogger. But Hexadecimal code doesn't work. 

Step 1 Sign in to your Blogger account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 From the Dashboard, click New Post.

Step 3 And from Post Editor Select HTML view. Now add any HTML 5 icon code from above table.


Step 4 After that switch to Compose view. You can see the icon appeared in Blog post.

HTML 5 icon in Blogger

Step 5 Finally Hit the Publish button for publishing the Blog Post. 

Hope now you would able to use HTML 5 icons for decorating your Blog content. I will share more tutorial soon about HTML 5. So till then stay tune. 
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