Use Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger to find the Error?

Use Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger to find the Error?

Facebook Debugger is not very well known tools. And most of the Blogger don't know why to use this tools. I have already shared an article about Open Graph Meta tag for pulling correct Image, Title and Description from Blog by Facebook. But this work in 80% site and rest of the site get some internal  error for adding wrong code in Blogger template. To solve this issue we can use Facebook Debugger tools. Because this tool will help a user to find the any error and what to fix in our site. Facebook debugger tool will give a warning message after debugging if it any issue.

For this reason a Blogger can solve the issue after debugging the URL several time according to warning message. For using debugging tool first we have to add Facebook Open Graph Meta tags in our Blogger template. And after then we will find out any issue that arise from wrong coding.

After adding the code you can check your Open Graph Object by using Debugging tool. You may go through the following steps for check your site for identifying problems.

Step 1 Go to and Log in to your Facebook Account 

Step 2 And again go to

Step 3 Now write your Blog or any post URL there and press Debug Button. Instantly you will able to see the details information about how Facebook is looking your site.


Step 4 Now see the Warning or Error section. It will say Warnings That Must be Fixed or Errors That Must be Fixed. According to the direction change the code. And debug again to see the result.

issue solved

In my case I have added one of my post link and it is showing error about Facebook Admin Id. After removing Admin ID error has fixed. So keep debugging until solve the issue completely. If you need any help regarding this then feel free to write us. Thank you.
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