How to Select Static Front page in WordPress Site?

How to Select Static Front page in WordPress Site?
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WordPress user has a great opportunity to customize their site's front. Because in Google Blogger platform we can't show specific page on landing time. Generally WordPress used for various purpose. Many user like to use one page site. In addition, WordPress e-commerce site use specific page to show the products. on the other hand, those who are interested to use WordPress as Blog then generally they shows Latest post first. This is all about selecting customization option. So in this tutorial I will show you how we can customize WordPress front page easily.

Step 1 Log in to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard 

Step 2 first go to ->Appearance -> Themes page from WordPress Dashboard.


Step 3 And click on the Customize button next to its title. After that it will take you to WordPress Title and Tagline option page. 

theme details

Step 4 To change the Front page view click to expand the Static Front Page option and change any option under Front page displays by clicking on radio button. You have 2 options, either Your latest posts or select A static page.

static front page

  • Your latest posts: If you wish to display your latest post first then select this option. But by default Wordpress will show your latest post first.
  • A static page:  After selecting static page option it will display specific static page.

Step 5 After selecting A static page 2 option will visible, Front page and Posts page. Select your any page by clicking on Dropdown option. If after clicking on DropDown option not showing any page list, that means you didn't created any static page.


Step 6 So after necessary changes click on Save & Publish button from top of editing bar.

That's all we are now able to change WordPress front page by Latest post of any static page easily. You can see the preview after necessary changes. For more further tips being with us.

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  1. Unknown
    Sir Amar templete khali 4 ta post dekase kintu ami leout a 7 ta disi ki korbo?
    3D mug template.
    • BloggerSpice
      Layout and Pane navigation same digit diye set korte hobe. Tomi number page navigation a 9 ta post set korco r layout a 6 ta. change korte hole aai code var postperpage=9; r layout a same number dau. for more details nicer link visit koro--
  2. Unknown
    sir Amar bloger adderesr por .tr Astece ki korbo?
    Age silo:
    • BloggerSpice
      Ata kono problem na. blogger domain use korle arokom onek somoy show kore. Custom domain kinle arokom show korbe na. But Blog site thiki kholbe.
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