Make Full Width Page in Blogger Default & Custom Template

Create Full Width Page in Blogger Default and Custom Template

In Blogger Platform we can do everything and as a free Blogging platform this is the most flexible to its users. While blogging then often we need to create a Full width page. Suppose you want to create Contact page, 404 Error page or HTML encoder, editor page then we must add a full width page. However major Blogger template  included Sidebar Post header and footer which will always display in every Blog page. As a result it will make your Contact page, 404 Error page or HTML encoder, editor pages narrow.

So in this tutorial we will make our selective Blog pages Full width by using simple CSS code. This code will work like charm. It will hide the Blogger sidebar, Middle sidebar (in case of double sidebar template) Blog pager and navigation, Post header and footer. After that to increase the page size I have added a additional code that will increase the Main wrapper and content  wrapper width 99%.

Live Demo

Another feature of this trick is that it will work on both Blogger Default and Custom Template. So let's proceed to the tutorial.

Step 1 Sing in to your Blogger Account and Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Now Click on Blogger Dashboard -> Pages -> Blank Page

Step 3 After that switch to HTML view from top left corner.

Step 4 Copy the below code and Paste it there. After that Switch to Compose view.

#sidebar-wrapper, #midsidebar-wrapper,.column-left-outer, .column-right-outer, .gapad2, .blog-pager, .post-header-line-1, .post-footer, #comments {
display:none !important;
#main-wrapper { width:99%!important;}
.post { width:99%!important; }
.fauxcolumn-outer { width:99%!important; }
.main-inner .columns { width:99%!important; }

Step 5 Finally hit the Publish button and check your Page.


  • To change the width of the page replace 99% with 95% or 100%
Before publishing the page you can add your Contact form, 404 Error page code or any other code that will show to your visitors in full width. However the code vary among different template for variable definition. If you can identify the variable then change the code according to your template variable definition.  

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  1. Philip Verghese 'Ariel'
    Hi Fazal
    Nice to be here again
    This is an informative post
    I must give a try, I will try
    this and will come back to You
    May you have a wonderful week ahead
    Happy and profitable New Year 2015
    Philip Ariel
    • BloggerSpice
      Thanks Mr. Ariel. for visiting my site. I am pleased to hear that you have liked my post. Wish you Happy New year too.
  2. Melissa
    Hi there! This trick was exactly what I needed. I had to work with it a bit to get it right, but the end result is great. This should be especially helpful for those with 3rd-party blogger templates, as the codes in altered templates can be quite different from Blogger's default ones. Thanks for sharing :)
    • BloggerSpice
      Welcome Melissa for your kinds word. This code will work on both Blogger Default and Custom template.
    Thank you very much. This is the first code of many I tried that actually worked for me.
    • BloggerSpice
      Welcome Michael..I appreciate your feedback. :sp
  4. Hey the code works great, but please can you share how to center my post now, because it stays on the left side?
  1. To insert a code use <i rel="pre">code_here</i>
  2. To insert a quote use <b rel="quote">your_qoute</b>
  3. To insert a picture use <i rel="image">url_image_here</i>
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