How to undelete or restore deleted Blogger Blog?

Learn the trick about returning process of deleted Blog. If you have accidently deleted your Blog then you can restore your deleted Blog from Blogger Homepage. You can very easily recover your Blog by go through few simple steps.
recover deleted blog

Blogger is free to use but has some limitations. We can create up to 100 blog under a Google account. There are many reason we delete our junk or unnecessary blog but sometimes we accidentally delete our functional blog site. Those who accidentally delete their blog they should know that you can restore your blog within 3 months (90 days). Because Google give you the opportunity to restore deleted blog if you want to recover something important from your deleted blog.

Generally within 3 month if you don't restore your blog then Google treat those deleted blog as scrap. So they permanently remove from their server automatically. And the owner of the blog lose their blog data forever. So if you would like to restore your deleted blog you can follow the below steps that might be helpful to you.

Step 1 Sign in to your and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 You will see list of your blogs and left side of the page you will see deleted blogs. Click on it.

delete blogs

Step 3 Then select click on Undelete button next to your deleted blog name.


Step 4 You have successfully restored or undelete your deleted blog.

You can check it in your blog list and see that it has restored. Now you will able to edit, creating new post, anything you can do. Don't worry about your restored blog because it will work smoothly as like before. Some use think that after deleting blog Google delete all the blog link from search engine. But it's not true. You have 90 days to undelete a blog so within 90 days Google won't remove any indexed link from search engine. However if you want you can Ping your site after publishing some fresh content.
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