How to Delete or remove a Blogger Blog safely?

How to delete or remove our blog from blogger account?
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Blogger knows how to create a blog but Sometime blog user needs to delete their blog because of mess up with coding. Blog is now malfunctioning and can’t fixing up by following any tutorial or solutions. In addition there are many blog that has created for testing purpose and Google is treating as junk blog. In this situation it will be a wise decision to delete a blog. There are several reasons that author may want to delete a blog but they don’t know how to delete it, such as-
  • Remove blog for changing blog address
  • Remove blog that you are owning more than 2 or 3 blog
  • Accidently created blog by users requiring removal.
  • Blog totally affected by malware or miscellaneous virus.
  • Transferring blog from one blog account to another blog account.

However any blogger platform user can delete their blog or remove themselves from a blog at any time. If user delete their blog, it will no longer be available online. It also will be removed from your list of blogs on Blogger Dashboard. Note that if you delete your blog you will lose your all data permanently and nobody will not able to view in blog. So before proceed we should take a backup of the whole blog.

To delete or remove blog easily just follow the below steps -

Step 1 Sign in to your and go to blogger dashboard

Step 2 Next to the blog you want to delete, select Settings from the drop-down.


Step 3 Under Settings on the left side of the page, click Other link.

Step 4 Go to Blog tools and Click Delete blog link.

delete permanantly

Step 5 A popup window will appear with Download Blog option. If you wish you can download. 

After that click on Delete This Blog button.


You will find an option on your blog list Deleted blogs (1). You can easily restore your deleted blog within 90 days.

blog deleted

Hopefully by following this tutorial you will now able to delete blog safely. If you are facing any trouble then feel free to write a comment. You can see my video tutorial for learning the process quickly.

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