Google slapped PBNs With Manual Action Ranking Penalties

Google Targets Sites Using Private Blog Networks With Manual Action Ranking Penalties

Google already released different algorithm like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc. for maintaining the quality of site. As a result those sites are affecting which contain low quality content or participating in link scam for getting better rank  from Google .  Formerly we have seen enormous genuine site with quality content got lower rank from Google because of the less backlink, on contrary there are many inferior blog site got higher rank from Google only for good number of backlink. But the situation has changed and Google has brought many changes in their ranking factor. Also there are many new elements are including time to time to take higher only good blogs and websites.

Recently Google has targeted private blog networks, also known as PBNs. Under PBN site there are some group of site publishing and updating content by same publisher. Simply one author maintaining several site for including links thus they can get higher rank from Google. This kinds of scam was hidden before but Google has already find out many Private Blog Networks site and they targets sites With Manual Action Ranking Penalties.

In Google's Webmaster Guideline they have explain about the quality of the content and what types of content Goggle consider as content spam. Those are as follows-
  • Automatically generated content that generate by online site or any software.
  • Thin affiliate pages also consider as content spam.
  • If you collect content from other sources. Scraped content that written with lots of error or low-quality guest article posted on blog.
  • Doorway pages also consider as content spam.
If any Blog site contain those kinds of content then Google can take action on such types of content. There are many webmaster maintain Private Blog Networks (PBNs) for manipulate their Google rank by producing content spam or link spam.

Google's Manual Action

Google targeting those PBNs site and taking manual action against  them. Last week there are huge site got penalty for involving PBN. Generally Google send a message through webmaster tools. And those site's rank rapidly dropped from search engine as well as from Google Page Rank. You can see the screenshot of penalty from Google for thin content. 

manual actions

This site's traffic dropped 80% - 90% within a week after Google's Manual Action on Ranking Penalty.
audience overview

So those who are running PBN this is the time of their end. This penalty has greatly affected those who carry out Black Hat SEO. There are huge discussion in Black Hat SEO forum, however some of them are expressing their opinion against penalty. They are thinking that Private Blog Networks (PBNs) with high quality content obviously will get higher rank. On the other hand, some of are telling that "Alright Google, You Win…I’ll Never Use Private Blog Networks Again!"
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