How to add caption in WordPress Blog Images?

Way to add caption in Blog Images
image caption

If you see Magazine or catalog that contain a small text below images which often describing the facts. Actually that is called Caption. When we go for Blogging then we have to use many graphics or images. And we can describe the Images by adding a single line below images.  Sometime we have to adds source of image or original photographer or image creator name, so in this case adding caption will be wise decision for Blogger.

The importance of using Caption is immense. The most important thing is that Blogger should make their blog user friendly thus  visitors or users can feel comfort to get the information. Many blogger use irrelevant image on their blog, suppose your topic is about SEO but you have added image of Blogger or some tools which is typically irrelevant. So if you practice to use Caption then you would be more conscious to use appropriate image on your Blog topic.

In WordPress blog we have simple option where we can add caption below images. A newbie can easily add caption while uploading the image for Blog posts. Beside of caption we can include Image title, alternate text, and description which can make WordPress image SEO friendly.

image with caption

However if you add title and description for image then it won't visible to your users. But caption will be visible. So we will learn how to add caption in WordPress Blog's Images.

Step 1 Sign in to your WordPress account and from Dashboard create a new Post or edit an old Post

Step 2 Click on Add Media button and select image. Now attachment details box will appear at the right sidebar of the screen.

add caption

Step 3 in Caption field write your desired line or source. and simply click on insert into post.

Step 4 now simply publish your post and check your image in your Blog that this is displaying Caption.

Add Captions to Multiple Images in Multiple Posts?

If you are using WordPress for long time then you may have created many posts and didn't add caption on post's images . But now it is not possible to add caption in all of your blog post image by editing every posts. Fortunately we can also add captions in multiple images under multiple posts without edition each and every post. WordPress has a good editing system which will enable you to add Caption without editing any posts. So to do this just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Sign to your WordPress account and go to Dashboard

Step 2 Now go to Media -> Library and you will see images


Step 3 Now mouse over on image and see the Edit Image link appear. Click on it.  

edit image

Step 4 This will open image in the WordPress image editor screen.


Step 5 You can now add caption to your image in Caption field. And change it one by one rapidly.

So that's all about adding caption in your WordPress Blog. I hope through this tutorial now you would able to add caption in Blog images. However if you have any  query regarding this then feel free to leave a comment below.
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